Jesus to my Rescue    March 19, 2010    Comments Off on YOUR WAY NOT MINE

Have I not tried so hard,

My life lived my why,

my way from the start,

Doing it my way, believed I will fly.

Sometimes it worked,

sometimes not,

but even when I thought it did,

It turned out as a flop.

One day I decided to stop,

Stop doing it my way,

I realized the prize Jesus had to pay,

I changed my life, I surrendered.

I don’t any more fight,

realizing doing it my way

is not always right,

instead, I which to pray,

I now know, doing it my way

is no way, doing it Your way

my Lord is indeed the right way,

As You are the only way!

My life has now changed,

changed for the good,

I now understand my root,

I understand why it needs to be…

Your way and not mine!

Jaco van As