You are loved

As the only daughter in a small family of two children, birthdays was not really marked and celebrated as such an unusual and special occasion as one wished it to be. Yes, there was the odd birthday cake, and as a farm girl, usually the one or two farm worker’s children around my birthday table to help blow out the candles and devour the sweeties. But was it memorable enough for me to remember 38 years later? No!

This ‘tradition’ carried on I my own life and year after year I found myself not really paying special attention to my birthday, as it was never really a day in which I can identify the feeling of being spoiled, showered with love and gifts or even the smallest gestures. My poor husband had it difficult from the beginning to try anything that can make me feel special on my birthday. I subconsciously built a belief that a birthday is just another day, nothing much, nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary.

Upon becoming a mom 2 years ago, I made the promise to always mark my daughter’s birthday as a very special occasion and to try my best to create special memories to last a lifetime! Thus not wanting to make a fuss of my own birthday, just an ordinary day of work, home, family and chores.

Well, today marks the beginning of the next day of my life…..

Today is my birth-day!!

This morning as I lay in bed, tiered after a typical mommy’s sleepless night with a sick child, I had a wordless song in my heart. I did not know what to say but “thank you”. This was merely the only words that came out. I felt the need to read Psalm 23 and as I read it my thought went out to God and I said I would like to renew my vows to You,  this is my pledge again…. Psalm 23.

As I sat in the quietness of my living room, with the rest of the house still quietly asleep, staring out the window and listening to the soft soothing sounds of water feature… I felt  Loved.

As I packed the lunch boxes for the day, my husband warmly embraced me and then softly sang notes of “happy birthday” in my ear….I felt Loved.

As my daughter opened her eyes, the first thing she did was smile at the sight of me and with her tiny warm body, arms stretched out, she hugged me…..I felt Loved.

As I drove to work I felt so humble before God and so unbelievably thankful and fulfilled. As the day progressed and I received so many best wishes and calls from family and friends, I find myself realizing how thankful I am for being surrounded by so many wonderful people….I felt the love.

Today I am so thankful to spend this special day knowing that I am called His child. Wow! What an honor! He loves me! He has sent his only Son to die, so that I might live to see one more day….my birth-day. Today I feel so blessed to spend my birth-day with a loving Father, a wonderful husband and best friend and my beautiful adorable daughter.

Dear Father,

Today I truly felt Your Love! I saw Your memories of my birth and the tears of unconditional Love you shed as you looked upon my naked newborn body, the tears of a 1st time dad! Today I felt your arms around me, I felt the warmth, I felt your heartbeat, I sat on your lap!

Words can not describe how I love you God! Words can not describe how in love with you I am! Words can not describe how I thank you for being my Father! Words can not describe how thankful I am for spending another day in your presence! Words can not describe how grateful I am for who I have become in You! Thank you for the gifts and thank you for spending my birthday with me.

Dear Jesus,

I praise you for the hardships you went though for me! Thank you for allowing me to experience your Love again today! Thank you for shedding your blood for me! An email from a dear friend, describing your pain and suffering from a scientific perspective, truly once again reminded me of how humanly unimaginable Your suffering was, and that was all for me!! Thank you very much for allowing me to spend one more day in your presence and with the ones I love!! Your blood has never failed me! I love you so much!! Thank you for spending my birthday with me.

Dear Holy Spirit,

Thank you for the nearness today! Thank you for being my friend and for guiding me to feel the Love! Thank you for opening my eyes to the things that do matter and showing me once again how incredibly blessed I am…I am Loved! Thank you for spending my birthday with me.

Dear friend,

I pray that you will allow yourself to experience the nearness of Love today. Celebrate your birth-day knowing that this was the day that the Lord has made and He rejoiced and was so glad in it! I pray that you will experience each birth-day as a day of love and a day creating memories to treasure for many years to come. Open your heart to accept the Love that He has to offer you. He created you for who you are… are so SPECIAL!!

His Love is unfailing, unconditional and everlasting!!

Just know today….YOU ARE LOVED!!

Sue Gouws