Working for God, why not?

Elizma Bylefeldt    July 28, 2014    Comments Off on Working for God, why not?

Dear friends in Christ,

I am blessed to share my thoughts with you again today. We serve such a wonderful God, how can we not share Him with everyone around us? If you have Jesus in your heart, life is just about that- sharing the joy of your heart and the love of your life with everyone around you! You live to share Him with the entire world. That is also exactly what God wants His children to do. “..and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem…..and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts1:8.)

“ He commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that He is the One whom God appointed as judge of the living and the dead.” ( Acts 10:42) Isn’t it amazing to think that the exact thing that your heart yearns to do when you receive the Holy Spirit is the ONE thing that God wants and instructs His Children to do here on earth! Without being pressured or forced into doing it, our hearts start pulling us toward doing it and we end up having to make the choice- of our own accord- on whether or not we decide to follow our hearts and thus God’s Holy Spirit inside of us.

Dear friends, why then are there so many of us who choose to not become witnesses for God’s kingdom?  Deep in our hearts we feel the Holy Spirit move and we feel the urge to shout it from the mountains, yet we sit back and say “It’s not for me.” Why?


A: We keep on comparing ourselves to those who seem to be leaders in the church, or those who seem super filled with the Holy Spirit. “I can’t preach or speak to crowds.” “I don’t have the confidence to pray out loud with people.” “I don’t have a prophetic gift.” or “I still cant speak in tongues so how can I teach people about God and the Holy Spirit?” Etc. Does this sound familiar?  Dear friends, can you see the one thing which is missing in the excuses above? The Holy Spirit! We need to stop and realise that when we make ourselves available to do the Work of God’s kingdom, it is NO LONGER US who operate.

The Holy Spirit does the witnessing through us! The Holy Spirit does the praying and preaching and supporting and counselling and and and …. You don’t HAVE to have a degree in ministry, you don’t have to know every verse in your Bible off by heart, you don’t have to do anything to prove to yourself or others that you can work for God. In fact, He doesn’t want that at all, because then it becomes about you and not God. The moment you make the choice and you take a step in faith, God will provide the words, the prayers, the prophesying, the teaching and everything else that is needed. You need only to say “Here I am Lord”.

B: We have a jaded perception of what it means to serve the kingdom and what it means to be God’s witnesses. Friends we read in Romans 12:6-8 that we all have different gifts and if your gift is not to serve but to teach then TEACH!  Cor 12:4-11 “There are different kinds of gifts but the same Spirit distributes them,… different kinds of service but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.” Friends, if you do not see yourself in front of a crowd, no one says you have to get up and preach! You may be a master chef in your own house, so why not get involved with a soup kitchen or make lunch for the less fortunate children who attend school with your kids?

If you cannot pray out loud with people, but you can play your piano, why not ask your church if you can join them on an outreach and play your piano so that less fortunate people can enjoy Christian music? You guys, we all have a talent somewhere! It may only be that you enjoy being around kids and they seem to always like being around you. Well then get involved with kids who need love! The biggest way to minister and spread the kingdom of God is to love your neighbour like yourself. God IS love, so spread love to those who don’t have it and God will make them come back to ask for more and then the Holy Spirit will do the rest!

C: We believe we have too many sins. Too much baggage and too bad a history. “I am a thief so people won’t listen to me!” “I cheated on my wife, I am not worthy of working for God.” “I lie” or “I am pretentious” or “Because of what I did people will call me a fake Christian.” Dear friends, we need to realise that each and every one of us have a history of horrible sins! And there will be more sins tomorrow and every day of our lives on earth, because we live in a fallen world and satan keeps on attacking us and throwing us with temptations to sin, because he wants us to feel that we are not good enough to spread God’s Word. There is not one of us, not even the most famous and Spirit filled evangelists or missionaries on earth, who do not have a history of horrible sins! That’s the point! Even while we were sinners God sent Jesus who died for us and cleansed us from our sins!

Every sin we did and every sin we do daily, is forgiven by the blood of Jesus because we accept His forgiveness together with His love! Each and every sin we do enables us to do the work of God’s kingdom because those who are lost do the same sins and if we show them that through it all we are worthy, then they may believe it too! If God wanted perfect people to do His work, He would have made perfect people! I have never met one and I am very far from one. I talk to God every day, many times, telling Him about the latest thing I did wrong and apologising for doing it and thanking Him for the blood of Jesus that covers me and makes God see only love when He looks at me!

So, what other reason do you have to NOT do what your heart yearns to do for the God who gave you His life?

Lord, thank You for Your blood that washes us clean. Thank You for our talents and our Spiritual gifts. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit in us who will lead us and work through us. God help us to trust You and to follow where our Holy Spirit filled hearts want to lead us- closer to You, bringing the World with us. Lord You all everything and You are all to me. Amen.

Expect the unexpected and be fearless in Christ.