Why things sometimes don’t happen

Princess K    April 21, 2013    Comments Off on Why things sometimes don’t happen

Glory to God my Father.  Praise to Jesus my King.  Honour to You Holy Spirit living inside of me.  Amen!

Often we find ourselves praying and asking God for something and when it does not happen when and how we wanted it, we tend to think that God has forgotten all about us.  Oh what a lie satan tells us when this happens!  Dear reader we must remember that God only has plan to prosper us and not to harm us (Jer 29:11).  If we say we believe in God and His Word, then why don’t we trust Him completely that He knows the best for us?

Our daughter married the man of her dreams on 13 April 2013.  Since the engagement more than a year ago, we started praying for the perfect day and of course, perfect weather.  Come the Friday morning, it was pouring with rain and knowing that all the photos would be taken outside; we started praying for no rain in the area where they would get married.  Now we knew that rain is also important and therefore we prayed very specific.  We prayed for no rain just in the area where they would get married and where the photos would be taken, and so the day went on with cold weather and rain every now and then.  My daughter and I were sleeping at the wedding venue at and about 4:00 the morning we awoke with thunder.

Immediately I started to pray, knowing that all our family and friends hearing the thunder were also praying with us.  I told God that there was nothing more that I could do, but to trust Him.  He knew all about this special day and what our special needs for the day were.  I experienced that I had to switch on the light and read from John 15:7.  I did just that and God spoke to me loud and clear by saying “if you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given you.”  So that is what I did, I reminded God of His promise in John 15:7 and confirmed that we were in Him and He in us and that we live only for Him.

As we continued to sleep, the thunder continued and the rain threatened to fall.  Faith simply stepped in and we continued to say thank you Lord we trust you.  At about 6:00, the Lord gave word that we all had to go on our knees and pray.  Another friend of ours was already on her knees praying.  I woke my daughter and God was very clear that she had to be on her knees in prayer, be very specific in prayer in asking what she wanted for the day.  She did just that!  Amen!  Let me tell you, she prayed with authority and said that she was His daughter and therefore she knew He wanted to give her the best.

She told God that He gave Moses a staff and with the authority to use it to His glory.  The red sea parted; water came from a rock etc.  Therefore she would speak with His authority in her, to the weather and declare it will not rain.  As we went outside, we put our hands in the air.  We indicated that it could rain all around the venue but not at the venue.  We spoke with the clouds and we declared it would not even be cold or unpleasant.  As we stood there it was cold but we kept speaking with authority saying thank you Jesus we trust You now.  Praise God, for no further rain fell to the ground in that area.  The sun came out, the wind died down and we had a perfect wedding.  Glory to Jesus, glory to God.

Dear reader, it sounds like a movie when you read my testimony, but it is real.  This is also what God wants to share with you today.  Perhaps you have found yourself more than once in a position where you prayed to God and still things did not work out as you planned.  There could be many reasons for why things don’t work out in our lives.  Firstly we need to understand that God wants our hearts and every part of our lives.  He will not share us with anything or anyone.  Then He wants to see that you have complete faith in Him.  In some instances things work out not the way we planned, but then it could have just been God protecting us from something worse.  Other times it might be because we did not persevere in prayer or even at times because we lost faith when the “storms” were raging in our lives and we simply did not believe He was in the storm with us.

I would like to share with you Mark 11:20 – 26, the story of the withered fig tree.  Here Jesus spoke with authority and His disciples saw the results of His faith in what He spoke.  Please do go and read it in detail and unpack it for yourself.  I will share the key aspects with you.  Jesus spoke and what He said had happened, why?  He gives us the answer in the same scriptures:

  1. Have faith in God…..(no grey area…..either have faith or nothing)
  2. Say to this mountain…..(take action)
  3. Not doubt in his heart……(specifically in your heart not your mind…satan attacks the mind but the heart is protected by Jesus if you serve Him alone)
  4. Believe….and it will be done…….(see faith into action ending in a positive result)
  5. Ask in prayer…..(be bold and specific in conversation with Jesus)
  6. Believe you have already received it…….(faith into action…Heb 11:1….speak as if already yours)
  7. It is yours!….(Claim it)
  8. Forgive…….(unforgiveness can stand in the way of your blessing)

How powerful is the Word of God!  Amen!  Glory to Jesus!

I believe God wants to only give us the best and please note as His children we are not subject to this world or this economy or the lies of satan.  All He asks of us is to give our hearts to Him and then to live in faith as indicated in Mark 11:20 – 26.  Remember satan also knows the Word of God, so you stand firm on and in it.  Keep His commands in your heart (Prov 3).

I might not be able to give you all the answers to the questions in your life today, but I can for sure tell you dear reader, that when things don’t happen like we planned it, there will always be a reason for it.  Trust God, trust His Word and find your answers there.  And even when you then in faith try it out and still it does not work out for you; persist in doing it again and again.  Our God will never fail us.

With lots of love in Jesus Name

Princess K