Where does your treasure lie?

Elizma Bylefeldt    July 8, 2016    Comments Off on Where does your treasure lie?


Hi y’all! It is a privilege to share some thoughts with you today and because there is something weighing heavily on my heart, which I need to share with you, I decided to write this article today and I need you to hear this and to hear it well because too many people are falling for a message that God never gave us to preach. I have touched on the subject before but I now feel I need to go there again. I want to scream it out so that people will listen and therefore I am going to type it in “BOLD CAPS” so you don’t miss it!



So many world renowned preachers are preaching a message that is leading the church of God astray. You guys, listen, show me the verse in the bible where Jesus says He came to give us financial prosperity and I will show you a false teaching.

Jesus did NOT die on the cross so you and I can prosper financially! Jesus came to give us LIFE and LIFE in abundance. (John 10:10) It has always been about life. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life (John 14:6) and in Him there is fullness of joy! Not in the financial blessings that may come your way.

Yes, all good things come from God and the blessings of God make us rich (Prov 10:22) but rich in the eyes of Jesus has NEVER been equal to the rich in the eyes of this world. Don’t get me wrong, if God decides to bless you financially then you go down on your knees and thank Him for it is a blessing to be thankful for, but do not be blinded by the material wealth that is being preached globally.

God is not into making financial millionaires. That is the farthest thing from what God stands for! What our God wants to give us is blessings that cannot be measured by the economic systems and the material worth of things on this earth. Our God wants to make SPIRITUAL MILLIONAIRES of us so that we can walk this earth with minds that have not been conformed to the likeness of this world, but minds that have been transformed, renewed and focused on the things above! Jesus Himself said to gather our treasures in HEAVEN, NOT on earth where moth and rust destroy it and that we cannot serve God and money. (Matt 6)

He also tells us that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God (Matt 19:24). Again, I am NOT saying God wants His children to be poor and needy, of course He doesn’t. He wants simply this, for us, His children to have life and to have it abundantly. For God it has always been about focusing our eyes on Christ, His love and what that means for us. The Cross is what it is all about and that which the Cross stands for.

Forgiveness, Freedom, Salvation, being loved by the One who gave it all and being so full of Him that it spills out of you onto everyone around you. THAT is what abundant living is all about! THAT is life and life to the full! Being so full of God’s love that it infects everyone around you and ripples out from you to reach the furthest corners of this world. You see, God knows man and He knows what the world focuses on.

We measure everything by money. Money is the biggest thing that takes focus away from God and directs it to the material stuff around us and although God does NOT withhold any good thing from those who love Him, He doesn’t measure His blessings in Dollars. He doesn’t! God doesn’t need money to make His Kingdom come to earth. He doesn’t need to fill your balance with zeros to show you He favors you. JESUS gave His LIFE to show you He favors you.

Come on guys, don’t be led astray. Yes, God can and does provide finances for His children and His Church and He doesn’t expect us to go hungry and live in poverty. Never! He provides for us and if you put your trust in Him He will always provide in whatever need you have, but when you get to know God and when you start to love Jesus, really love Jesus, you realise that He Himself IS ENOUGH. Jesus will always be enough! He is your prosperity, He is your wealth and He is your abundance.

He is your everything and you begin to realise that you don’t NEED to be part of a movement that preaches financial abundance above the truth in the Word of God. Jesus is my abundance and let me tell you I am living it. Every step I take is in abundant blessings, because I have Jesus! What else could I want? Abundant life starts at Calvary, where Jesus laid down His life for you. What could ever be more expensive or more of worth than life itself? THAT is what Jesus paid for you.

All the money in the world cannot buy a drop of Jesus’ blood and He gave EVERY DROP He had to give you life in abundance! Don’t you realise that if you have Jesus, you ARE RICH? Because if you have Jesus, really have Jesus, then your focus shifts toward heaven and heavenly things. You start asking for blessings that have got nothing to do with this world. You seek to have more of what Jesus gives and you grab a hold of everything that Jesus hands out. You take it and you make it your own and you start living in that abundance.

You live in freedom, in love, in forgiveness, in peace that transcends all understanding, you grow in patience and truth and kindness and goodness, you thrive on self-control and humbleness and you taste salvation every day. You taste and see that the Lord is good and you live in total commitment to what is true and good and pure. You stand in faith and you live with the authority that God gave you the day you said yes to Him! You live the life of an Heir of the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you do that, really do that, then you will NOT starve to death because your faith will activate enough blessings from heaven to sustain you on earth. You will have enough financially, health wise, in your career, in your family, in every aspect of your life. You will have enough to sustain you BUT, SEEK FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you. (Matt 6:33.) Not the other way around!

We do not pray to be rich! Richness on earth means NOTHING to God! I pray to be rich in the wisdom and knowledge of the things of heaven and to be rich in the abundance of life as God intends it for me, because of the finished work of Jesus on the Cross. God forbid that you get excited about a message being preached about promises of wealth without ONE word being said about the wealth, prosperity and abundant living you can only find in knowing that Jesus Christ IS and will always be more than enough! Fullness of joy will never be found in financial gain, never! It is found at the feet of the Cross. Amen!

Prayer: Father, I humble myself before You today. Lord I declare that You are my abundance. You are my Prosperity and in the things of Your Kingdom my wealth lies! Thank You Jesus that no message about money will ever steal the truth that You have placed in my heart! Jesus, You are everything and You are all to me. Amen.


Be Fearless in Christ!, Lizz