Princess K    November 15, 2011    1 Comment on Today

Dear Father

Today I write this letter to You as word of mouth simply cannot explain what I feel.  So I thought it might be better to write to You, allowing creative thoughts from my heart to flow on paper.

Father, You are my God and also my Dad.  When I feel weak, challenged or hurt, I always find myself in Your arms; the place where I feel most safe.  Sitting on Your lap, with my head on Your chest, I can hear Your heartbeat and I know that I am in Your peace.  Sitting at Your feet, keeps me humble and when You place Your hand on my head, I am empowered with Your strength.  I glorify You Father!  I glorify Your Name!

Jesus, You are my personal Saviour and best friend.  Since I have met You, my life has changed drastically and I no longer live for myself, but only for You.  When I say Your name, I feel Your power inside of me.  How does one ever live without You?  You know me inside out.  Thank You for always listening to my heart, for allowing me to share my frustrations but also to share tears of joy.  Jesus You are the only one who really knows and understands me.  You know what makes me angry and You know what brings me joy.  Thank You for special moments that I have with You, whether in my car, on my bed or even during meetings at work.  You are my counsellor, comforter and I love You with all my heart.  Thank You for teaching me what real friendship and love is.  I am and always want to be in love with You.

Holy Spirit of God.  Where do I begin?  When I awake in the morning, You are with me.  During the day, when I am challenged at work, You guide my in every way.  At night when I sleep, You bring me peace.  You are my every breath and You bring fresh life into me.  Because of You, I grow closer to my Father on a daily basis.  You praise me when I have done well, but also where necessary, You reprimand me still with love.  I am constantly aware of Your presence, just like now as I am typing this letter.  I love the way You speak to me, the way You hold me.  I do not just know that I am special to You; I also feel it when You whisper in my ear.  I adore You and am lost without You.  Please continue to reign in my heart and thoughts.

Father, as I write to You today, it is with so much appreciation for who You are in my life.  I am so grateful for every spiritual blessing that You have bestowed upon me.  Thank you that today, I again realised how blessed I am.  I am in love with You Lord.  I am in love with my husband, who simply after 22 years, still makes my heart beat faster.  Today, I worship at Your feet, and give You thanks for my 2 beautiful, talented and blessed children who both serve You.  Lord I love them and appreciate them every day more and more.

Standing in Your presence right now, I want to say thank you that I am who I am.  Thank you that I am perfectly made in Your image.  The colour of my hair, my length, my legs and all my features have been planned by You and that is what makes me special and unique in every way.  Today, I see myself through Your eyes and I like what I see.

Coming into Your presence, I remember how in January of 2011 You asked me to tell You the desires of my heart (Psalm 37:4).  I recall how I asked things for my marriage, friendships and children.  However, You again asked me what my desires were.  I then realised that it was my moment to ask anything from You.  I did not keep back and shared my deepest desires with You.  Today, I glorify You for every desire that has been met and for that which is still in process.  Words cannot describe how I feel about everything that You have done for me.  Thank You Lord, thank You!

Father, I have grown so much in the past year.  I hear Your voice and I feel Your touch.  You work in me and through me.  Like never before, I constantly experience Your strength and power in my life.  I know when it is You speaking to me and I rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit in everything that I do.  Because of You I have authority in this world and all I want to do, is to use it to Your glory.

I am however not satisfied at all and want more of You.  So Lord, today I choose to continue to follow You.  I humble myself before You, so that I am open for more love, more power and more of You in my life.

Today I choose more of You!