Think, think again

Princess K    December 12, 2014    Comments Off on Think, think again

Father God, my life is Yours.  You chose me and for that I am forever grateful.  Jesus Christ, my heart beats faster every time I say Your name.  Holy Spirit, thank you for being my everything, my every breath, my life!  Amen!

What a month it has been in my life.  Studies, exams, work sessions and preparing for our annual leave period.  Praise God for so many opportunities in life whereby we can be empowered, join hands in making a difference and having the privilege to go on holiday.  During this very busy month in my life I have been exposed to very challenging situations where I had to make decisions that could have serious repercussions; and I once again realized that one needs to think carefully before you do something.

As individuals, we are all unique in the special way God made us.  We are blessed with the ability to think and formulate our own opinions.  We are all from diverse cultures and unique in the way we were brought up.  Hence, everyone look at a situation, analyze it in their mind, formulate an opinion and then respond, based on previous experiences.  This in turn result in either the person making logical and realistic decisions or it could be that emotions take over and reactions are completely emotional.

I have found myself in the past month in exactly this position where I had to make decisions, with some I had time to think it through and with others, I simply just had to react immediately.  I realised that to just say something without thinking it through, has repercussions, both good and bad.  So, how should one approach it?  I believe one should think and then think again.  When I have enough time, I analyze the situation carefully and then after weighing up the different options, I make my decisions.  I also ask the Holy Spirit to guide my decisions and then I hear Him with my heart and take make the decision.  I do not recall that it has ever been a bad decision.  Praise God!  Some might argue and say that they follow those psychological decision making steps and make good decisions without having Christ, and that might be.  However, I know that those decisions are only based on man-made-thought through processes which is not fault proof, unless sealed by Christ alone.  Amen!

The challenge is what to do with the situation where you only have a minute or less to make a decision.  Some might say then you fall back on previous experiences, and yes that is true, life experiences has taught us a great deal.  Others might say that to simply follow your gut feeling and for them it has always worked out.  Now all these methods have surely been tried, tested and proven scientifically and I am no scientific expert.  What I am, is a reborn Christian in a relationship with Christ and I will share with you what has worked for me, and has never let me down.  Praise God!  When I am required to make a decision immediately, I turn to the Holy Spirit.  He is in me and I am in Christ and having a personal relationship with Him, He knows my every thought and I hear His voice in my heart.  Hence, I am tapped into His guidance 24 hours a day.  Hallelujah!  So what I do is too immediately, when asked to make a decision, say Jesus Christ help me or Holy Spirit I give myself over to You.  I say it out loud sometimes when the opportunity is there but most times it is through no spoken words, but in my heart.  That is my process of think and think again.  It might not make sense to you, but trust me if you live and work in the Spirit of God, it makes sense.

Now you might ask whether this approach works every time and for every situation, and my answer to you is yes, it does!  (James 1:5)  When I do not apply it, I make mistakes and say the wrong things, whether at work or in my private life, with my kids or my marriage.  Hence, in my 31 years of being in a relationship with Christ, I have come to realise that the answer to; not creating hurt, chaos or misunderstandings is to think and think again before your speak.  Now remember it is true that in every situation in life it is better to apply this principle before reacting and making decisions, whether you are in Christ or not.  However the outcome of the final decision is what has the impact.  If the decision is still for your own gain and not confirmed by Christ, the positive effect is not guaranteed.

We must also remember that sometimes the Lord gives you the answer and then it may not make sense.  The implication is that it might appear as if it hurts more than heals, but be obedient and do as Christ says.  You might not see the positive effect immediately, for you do not see the future as a clear picture for God holds the future in His hands.  Then trust must step in even if it does not make sense to you now (Prov 3:5 & Heb 10:35).  It is like a mother saying no to a child for playing with matches.  If she allows him/her to continue, it could result in them burning themselves at some point in life.

Dear reader, a lot said, but I trust you heard my heart.  I was not sure whether to continue writing on this topic.  However I felt the Holy Spirit pressing on my heart to continue writing as there is someone, a man specifically out there thinking that he can make all decisions by himself.  I also feel that there is someone out there who are of the opinion that he has control over many things that are bringing in wealth for him.  Dear Sir, if you are reading this message, remember that God loves you no matter what you have done, are doing now or what you will ever do.  His love is unconditional and free.  However, what He is after, is your heart.  He wants you to make business decisions based on what the Holy Spirit will tell you to do and to do that, you need to be in a relationship with Christ.  Perhaps you have met the Lord, have given your heart to Him, but time and success have moved you away from being close to Him.  I experience that I must tell you that God says to go to church and give money for the school and charity is not what He is after.  That is all good and you do bless others, and you must attend church, but He wants it to be from the heart and as guided by the Holy Spirit.  He is waiting for you to come back and serve Him with all your heart.  He wants to be the one you say good morning to first in the morning and good night late at night.  He wants to hear you asking Him for advice and He is waiting to hear from your own heart and mouth that you love Him and no longer want to make decisions without Him.  He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your company!  He is the one who gets the honour in the deals you make!  He is the one who is acknowledged when your meetings start.  Dear Sir, you know what to do.  You know this message is for you.  He is waiting for you to make the next move.  Amen!

Although the Lord gave this specific message in the paragraph above to someone specific, also apply it to your own life.  I apply it to my life daily, with great blessings and reward from God.  Amen!

Dear reader what a blessing to write to you.  You are blessed in Christ!  You are loved and you are forgiven and free since the day Christ died for you on that cross and overcame death when he rose from the grave.  Allow Him to be your every thought and every decision and don’t just react; think – think again!

Lots of love

Princess K

PS:  Dear reader, please remember that the scripture used are from the New International Version.  If the scripture is read in another language and translation it might differ slightly.  A verse in the NIV might be a different one in your Bible, i.e. Ps 37:3 in the NIV might be Ps 37:4 in your bible.  This does not always occur, but happens in some instances.