The time is now

Elizma Bylefeldt    April 1, 2015    Comments Off on The time is now


Dear friends in Christ, I am blessed to have the opportunity to write to you this evening. Thank You Lord!

When I see how much time has passed since I wrote my previous article, I realise how quickly life passes by us these days. Do you realise that every day that passes is a day we will never get back? Also every day that passes is a day closer to the end of our time here on earth.

John 4: 35 “ Do you not say ‘There are still four months and then comes the harvest’? Behold I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest.”

If you look at the world around us it is clear as day that we are living in the end times. The world is in a dire state and people are loveless, ruthless and self absorbed. There is no time left for God in a world that is becoming more lost by the day. Christians are being persecuted around the world and people hate each other, hating what is good, hating what is pure and loving everything that is detestable in God’s eyes. We cannot close our eyes to these facts.

The bible warns us that we will not know the hour of our Lord’s return and that it will come suddenly and unexpected to a world who is unaware. (Please read Matthew 24.) Dear friends, I want to be ready. I want to be ready every day of my life! Whether I have moved on from my earthly life or whether I am still here on that day I want to be ready when my God comes to fetch me! Woe to those who are not ready! May the Holy Spirit remind us every second of our lives to live for God and God alone. I choose this. I choose to live for God and I choose Jesus Christ as my Saviour and my Lord and I choose to be ready when My God comes to fetch His children.

If you are not ready to meet God at this very second, will you be ready tomorrow? Or in a year from now? Or in ten years from now? And how many years have you got left before your time is up? Dear friends, if you are not ready to meet God right this moment, you need to seriously get down on your knees and get your relationship with God to the place where He is number one in your life! Nothing and no one can be more important or higher on your priority list than God and doing His will. If you do not love God more than anything else then you need to make that change and realise that everything this world can offer you means nothing, NOTHING compared to what loving God offers you!

Don’t wait any longer!

If you are still living for your possessions and your money now is the time to realise that they mean nothing and they cannot pay your way to heaven. All your money belongs to God anyway and He can take it away at any moment! Don’t be blind and allow satan to steal eternity from you by offering you earthly riches. ( Matthew 6: 19- 21.) If you are angry at someone or you hate someone who has hurt you, now is the time to forgive. ( Eph 4:32.)

If you are living to please yourself and to enjoy life and everything it’s entertainment can offer you, now is the time to turn around and away from the things of the earth and focus your eyes on what is true and good. ( Phil 4:8.) If you in any way do not feel that you are not ready to meet Jesus if He has to come today, please, PLEASE ask God to forgive your sins, accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour who died for your sins and who was raised from the dead and through whom you may have life everlasting! Then TURN AWAY from the things that are keeping you from God!

Lying, cheating, swearing, selfishness, hate, envy and all those negative and ugly things do not belong in your life! Please give heed to the warnings for the time is near and dear friends, we truly do not want to be left behind in a world without God.

Prayer: Dear Lord we do not deserve Your mercy. Father we do so many things that keep us from living the life You want us to live. Thank You for Your forgiveness and for salvation that is freely available to us if only we choose to put You first. Lord we declare today that You are God. You are everything to us and there is none like You. Help us to be ready to meet You every day of our lives. Amen

Be fearless in Christ