The principle of giving

Princess K    February 8, 2017    Comments Off on The principle of giving


Father, in the name of Jesus we decree and declare that You alone are God and King and that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Often, as we drive in the car, walk in the mall and eat at a restaurant, I look around me, wondering what is happening in the lives of the people around me.  Almost every day I hear of the challenges that people are facing, from identity and health issues, to challenges in marriages, families, finances and many more.  It is not just hearing about it so often, but also the fact that it is on the increase.  There are so many people who are ready to give up.  They are tired and simply don’t feel like “fighting” anymore.  Knowing all this, I reflect on my own life regularly.  I realise that I am so blessed and happy.  I have Jesus as my Saviour, a loving husband and family, good health, secure job and a lovely home.  I can buy not only what I need but also when I want something for myself.  I have wonderful friends and I feel loved.  Yes, like everyone else, I also have severe challenges.  However, IN CHRIST I ALWAYS OVERCOME them.

I realise that if so many people are hurting, then the need to be helped is extremely great.  The question then is, where do people turn to for help?  It really depends on the person and the challenge.  Some turn to God, pastors, friends, family, colleagues, religious practices, exercise, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and others turn to alcohol, drugs and sex.  There are so many different options on where to turn to for help but not all are successful, beneficial or from God.  Many people after trying various options, find themselves back in the situation, still unresolved.

I believe that every method that is from God, is at some point in time, beneficial.  For example, if I am not feeling well, I will rest my body and if it continues, I will consult a medical professional.  Nothing wrong with going to a doctor or visiting a psychologist for example, because God put them there to help us.  However, for me, we should not be dependent on them, as our dependence should not be on the method of choice, but on God alone.  For me, it all starts with God.  In my life, I choose to go to God first and place my dependence 100% in Him.  He is my God and He created me in His image (Gen 1:27).  He knows me inside out (Ps 139) and I can hide nothing from Him.  I first pray and ask Him for help and guidance in the way I should go.  Truth be told, He helps me every single time.  He has never, ever failed me.

The truth is that God says in Colossians 1:16: “For in Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through Him and for Him.”  Therefore, we can disagree and argue about it as much as we like, it will not change the truth that God alone can help us.  So, if God is our main source of help, why do people renounce Him and first try to find their answers and solutions in other methods?  Speaking to many, they say that they at some point believed in God but because of previous bad experiences, in that a love one was taken from them or prayers have not been answered according to what they wanted, they turned on God, saying He did not care, is not a God of love and do not answer prayers.  Yes, there has been times when I prayed and asked for help and deliverance, like when my mom suffered because of a cancer attack on her body and after she had a stroke.

I saw it as a huge “mountain” in front of me and I just wanted God to take it away as He says He will in Matthew 21:21 – 22.  However, He did not and I realised that the only way for me to get rid of that “mountain”, was to climb it.  Does that mean God did not answer me?  No, it means that He had planned something else for His greater purpose.  That point in time, I had the choice to see it as if He does not exist or ignored my request, I mean is He then not a loving God?  However, I had to accept and trust His will for the greater plan I did not see.  Hence, I climbed the “mountain”.

It was not easy and left me in tears, frustration, full of bruises, sores and sore muscles.  I did reach the top and the view was spectacular.  I still did not understand, but the journey brought me to a place of trust and peace in God’s plan, whether I had visibility of the outcome or not.  The things I had to go through made me stronger and I now approach similar challenges, completely differently.  Have I just given up, or blamed God, I would not be as strong as I am today.  Thank You, Jesus!

The above encouraged me to write an article about the principle of giving.  I realised that we, who are already in Christ, can’t be selfish and need to give something of ourselves to help those who is forever searching for peace and solutions.  Yes, we are going through challenges every single day for as long as we are in Christ, satan will not rest in attacking us.  However, we have successfully climbed many “mountains” and have seen many spectacular results.  Give to others, by sharing those experiences with them; and not only the good but also the difficulties that took you up the “mountains” to see the spectacular views once you reached the top.  There is power in testimonies, because it is real life situations, which others are facing as well.

If you are reading this article and you feel inadequate, even as a child of God, then you are busy climbing a “mountain” right now.  Don’t give up.  Keep climbing and trust in God.  He will guide you through this and you will walk away victoriously.  Do you know what?  When you look back on the first part you have already climbed, use that to already encourage others, guiding them and giving them advice on the path they should follow when climbing their “mountains”.

Perhaps you did give your life to Jesus, but you moved away because you have blamed God so many times for so many things, finding yourself grabbing to every possible solution, other than God.  Perhaps you are not in Christ at all.  Know this today, God loves you.  Jesus Christ loves you and died for you.  Right now, you are also climbing a “mountain”.  Don’t keep slipping, ending up at the bottom every single time.  Start by changing your focus from the mountain, to Christ.  He wants to help you.  He does have all the answers to your questions, but you must trust Him to reveal them to you according to His plan and will.

He wants you to trust Him because He is God and not because of what He does or does not do.  The choice is yours.  If you want to make right with God, pray and ask His forgiveness and be free in Him (1 John 1:9, Rom 8:1).  If you have never accepted Jesus as your Personal Saviour, you only need to make the choice by praying (click here to accept Jesus into your life) and asking Him to come and live in your heart.  Also, make sure to study God’s Word, the Bible, as it is your weapon against the enemy.  Pray and seek God continuously and join in with other Christians in fellowship and prayer.  You can also visit for motivation.

People need help and therefore need Christ.  When we understand, and exercise the principle of giving from a place where we have been and overcame, there are no more limitations to what God can do in and through our lives in helping those in need.

Love in Christ, Princess K