The power of lies

Princess K    August 20, 2010    Comments Off on The power of lies


Father God, I worship You!  I realise that You are my everything.  Jesus, thank You for being my Saviour and best friend, the One I trust!  Holy Spirit, You are my life, and without You, I am nothing.  I love You! Amen!

As of a young age, I was addicted to lying.  I manipulated people, even my loved ones close to me.  The more I lied, the more I had to lie to get myself from being caught.  Once I lied about a car nearly running me over, blaming my brother.  If I remember correctly, he was punished.  Then at the age of 12, I gave my heart to Jesus and was instantly cured from lying.  Thank You Jesus! Praise God for healing me from such a terrible sin.  Amen! From that day on, I hated lying and even received the gift of knowing when others lie.

Last week, I was confronted with something that truly hurt me, turned me upside down.  I found out that someone has been lying to me and it ripped me apart.  At first, I was not sure how to deal with the situation or what to share with you.  So let me simply begin at the beginning, by saying that lying is straight from hell.  When you lie or even when you just keep something from someone, who should know about it, it is wrong.  It is sin.  God will reveal all truth, so to keep lying, will only result in someone getting hurt, someone’s trust being broken.  So why then do we lie, if we know that the truth will always be revealed?  I believe that people lie because they are afraid of the truth.

It could be that they know that the truth might lead to loss, perhaps loss of trust or even something or someone.  Then again, it could be that the person lies, because they feel guilty and ashamed for what they have done and don’t want anyone to know.  Lastly, by lying, you actually for that moment in time, forget who you truly are.  You have moved away from God and your focus that should be on Him and the empty cross, have shifted to your own self, your need, your challenge.  When you lose focus, you end up being trapped.  Instead of getting help, telling someone, confiding in a best friend or most importantly going back to God for help, you end up being caught in satan’s trap.

I ask you right now, are you currently caught up in a trap of lies?  Have you lied to a loved one, a family member, a colleague, your boss, any one for that matter?  Perhaps you have not lied but kept the truth from someone?  What is it that you are lying about?  Is it money, something you said or didn’t say or are you having a relationship outside your marriage?  Are you having difficulty breathing, sleeping or concentrating as a result of your lies?  If this is you, then please know that you can’t go on like this!  Lying means that you are caught up in slavery.  You are scared of being caught, and know that if you talk now, the damage might be excessive, so you keep on lying.  Don’t you see dear reader that this only means one thing and it is that lies have become your master?  Yes, you heard right, you have become a slave to lies.  It controls you and that is why you feel trapped.

I want to tell you, that to keep something hidden, will only hurt more when the truth is revealed.  The good news is that God is waiting for you to simply come to Him so that the two of you can deal with this matter together.  He wants to set you free!  He wants to deliver you from this slavery.  Remember, you as a child of God, only has one Master, and that is Father God.  Tonight I challenge you, to stop lying!  Stop killing yourself from the inside out.  If you wait any longer, it will eat you up, bit by bit.  Allow Jesus to rescue you.  Romans 8:2 (NIV) say “because through Christ Jesus, the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.” Amen.  Come now, and be set free.  Pray to Jesus, and ask His forgiveness.  Ask Him afresh, to come into your heart and to heal you with His presence.  Make a choice right now, without waiting any longer.  Forgive yourself and then go to the ones you have been lying to and share the truth with them.  Yes it will hurt, but by telling the truth, the healing process can start.  Also read Psalm 32:4-6 (NIV), 1 John 1:9 (NIV) and Romans 8:1 (NIV).

Are you perhaps the one being lied to and you feel that you simply can’t take it anymore?  I want to share with you that Jesus told me, that by loving that person who has hurt you with his/her lies will bring healing.  I, at first did not want to hear that, because I was hurt and the last thing I wanted to do was to love.  However, God was very clear about His instruction.  I then went to the person and expressed my forgiveness.  I also said that I choose to trust again.  However, this time I put my trust in God and place the person and the situation in His hands because in my own strength I couldn’t do it.  I immediately felt peace, God’s peace.  Yes, I will have to work through the things in my heart, but even feeling like that, God gave me Psalm 46:10 (NIV) that says, “be still, and know that I am God.”  He also gave me Psalm 32:10 that says “….the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in Him.”  You see, dear reader, our trust must never be in man/woman, because as humans we do disappoint and hurt each other.  Rather, let us put our trust in God as He is our Master and King.  Amen!

I wanted to share this with you today, as it has been a tough week for me.  However, I decided to make a declaration that I love my husband, my kids, my parents, family, in-laws and friends.  I am so sorry for any lies that I have told to anyone in my life, and ask forgiveness for those I never asked forgiveness from.  I also choose to forgive anyone who has ever lied to me, because if I don’t forgive, how will the other person be set free?

What about you?  Are you going to allow the power of lies to continue making a slave of you?  Allow Jesus to set you free right now!  Allow Him to come and rescue you.  Remember, you are not a looser and in God’s eyes you will always be a winner!  Simply stand up in His name and take up victory that He has already given you, in Him!

“Father, in the Name of Jesus, I pray for all the men and woman reading this article, caught up in lies and not knowing how to break free.  I pray and break in the name of Jesus, any curse that has been placed on their lives!  I pray and cancel out any power of satan over their lives and right now in the name of Jesus Christ and by His blood, I pray that they will be set free!  I declare Romans 8:2 (NIV) and your love over their lives, in Jesus Name! Amen! Father, I pray this because You gave me authority after Your victory on the cross and all the glory is Yours, in the name of Jesus. Amen!

With lots of love in Jesus Name

Princess K