The consequences of our choices

Princess K    May 27, 2013    Comments Off on The consequences of our choices

Glory, honour and praise to God my Father and Jesus Christ my King!  Welcome Holy Spirit, I adore You and I am filled every time I am in Your presence and because you live inside of me I am never empty.

All of us face challenges on a daily basis and it always includes having to make some kind of choice.  When satan directly approaches us, it is easy to say no to the things we know are wrong according to the Bible.  The challenge however is that he does not approach us directly and comes most of the time under disguise.  He normally puts us on the spot, pressed for time and hence we often find ourselves making choices without really praying about it and the consequences being fatal.

In the Bible in the book of Genesis we read how Abraham as well as his wife Sarah made wrong choices.  Instead of believing in God’s promise, they both doubted as Sarah offered her servant to Abraham and he took the opportunity with the result an offspring was born for Abraham.  However, God’s plan was for Sarah to conceive yet they chose doubt when she did not conceive.  Then in the book of Matthew, we read of Judas who sold Christ to the chief priests for 30 silver coins.  When he saw what they were doing with Jesus and that they planned his death, he had remorse and returned the coins admitting that he had made the wrong choice.  Judas felt so guilty he hung himself.

We are all put before choices every day of our lives.  Sometimes we take time to pray about them and other times we have to make decisions straight away.  Being part of God’s Kingdom, we can’t afford not to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  We need the presence of the Holy Spirit with us, 24 hours a day, every day.  The challenges will increase and the choices will become more difficult and therefore be alert in the Spirit to hear His voice clearly before making a choice.  Many say but how do I do this?  Well, firstly invite Jesus into your heart if you do not have a personal relationship with Him and then the Holy Spirit will live inside of you.  Then, talk to Him continuously.  Yes, talk to the Holy Spirit, it is Him living inside of you and wanting to have a relationship with you.  The more you study the Word of God, live it out, worship in prayer and music, talk to the Holy Spirit, then the more you will hear His voice in your heart.  Sometimes you feel it, other times you will know it, but He will always guide you in making the right choice.  Amen!

Dear reader, I also want to encourage you today not to give up on life because of the wrong choices your parents, loved ones or yourselves has made.  Yes it hurts badly having been molested, raped, physically and verbally abused.  It hurts deep inside knowing that your loved ones have been taken from you and it hurts that you were rejected.  It all hurts but remember, that hurt was through the wrong choices made by people.  Does God see it?  Off course He does and many times He does intervene.  But remember He gave all of us a very special gift and it is the gift of choice.  Instead of just telling us every moment of every day what to do and how to do it, He gave us instructions in the Bible on the critical things to do to ensure blessing on our lives and indicated the things not to do, in order to avoid us getting hurt.

Other than that we received free choice.  You can choose what you want to do when you want to do it, go where you like to go and eat what you want to eat.  Imagine that special gift being taken from us because of the fact that we can’t make the right choices.  And that is just it.  We make the wrong choices so many times in the company we keep, the place we go, the language we use and the way we live.  We are not perfect and God knows that, after all He did create us.  He wants to help us and guide us but He can do it if we let Him.  He has a master plan for us (Jer 29:11) and even when it feels like there is nothing good about our lives, then we should stand back and reflect on the choices we have made.  So, it is not necessary to take your own life like Judas did because of your own and other people’s wrong choices.  Jesus died for us so that we can be free and healed from the hurt of life.  We can’t turn back the clock, but we can choose what our future will be like.

David made wrong choices but he asked God’s forgiveness and received it.  Peter made wrong choices when he disowned Jesus, but Jesus loved him and forgave him.  Jesus died for all the wrong choices we have made and will still make.  He only asks of us to give our lives to Him and to spend time with Him in order to hear His heart and do His will, especially in the choices we make.  There are consequences in the choices we make, but we have a choice in whether it would be good or bad, through the choices we make.

With lots of love in Jesus Name

Princess K

PS:  Dear reader, please remember that the scripture used are from the New International Version.  If the scripture is read in another language and translation it might differ slightly.  A verse in the NIV might be a different one in your Bible, i.e. Ps 37:3 in the NIV might be Ps 37:4 in your bible.  This does not always occur, but happens in some instances.