Stand Firm

Princess K    June 10, 2011    Comments Off on Stand Firm

Father, I love You and I honour You alone. Holy Jesus, You are my Saviour! Holy Spirit of God, You are the air I breathe and I thank You for living inside of me! Amen.

As you know from the previous articles I wrote to you, my mother was diagnosed with cancer on the lungs and after 3 months of prayer, fasting and 2 operations, she HAS BEEN HEALED. Praise God! Praise the Name of Jesus. Amen! As you can recall, the 3 months have been a bumpy ride and our faith as a family has been tested like never before, yet we persevered. Even in times when satan wanted us to give up on our faith, we continued to proclaim the truth of the Word of God that says in 1 Peter 2:24 that she has been healed. We continued to praise Him and even in times of severe attacks from satan, God pulled us through. During the 3 months of this challenge that my mother had to go through, I learned what it meant to stand firm.

The circumstances kept shouting at us that she was struggling to breathe, even though the doctor said she was healed. Day in and day out, hour after hour, we had to continue to pray and make proclamations in the Spirit.  It was like satan simply did not rest, nor give us a break. If satan didn’t attack my mother, he was busy attacking the health of the rest of the family, and when he didn’t get that right, he started fiddling in our personal lives. At a stage, the family ties were challenged and it was as clear as daylight that satan wanted to break up the unity that existed in the family. I mean, we were fasting and praying together for 52 days and off course he was sour about a family standing firm in their faith on the Word of God! We continued to proclaim the truth. We humbled ourselves before God and another, and let me tell you, the victory is sweet! Amen!

Dear reader. I want you to read the paragraph above again. Do you see how satan has been busy in our lives? Well, that is how he operates in all our lives. He thinks he is something, when he is nothing. He uses the same things over and over in our lives, to try and pull us down so that we lose focus and faith. I want you to know one thing as you read this article. When satan fell from heaven, he landed on this earth with a vengeance to destroy our lives. He has no future and his only aim is to make us miserable, let us doubt and ultimately he tries to win us over for him. Oh, I am so sick of his schemes!! Does he think that the children of God is stupid? You see dear reader, that is exactly what he thinks.

Let me tell you dear reader, satan knows that God’s Word is true and if God says something in His Word and we choose to believe it, it happens. Therefore, satan kneels to the Word of God when it becomes alive through our faith. He hates that with a passion and will do anything to pull us down. If he does not attack your health, he will try something in your marriage, your relationships with another, your working environment, your finances, pornography, drugs, the abuse of alcohol, anger, self-worth etc. He tries to play games with us, but there is good. Just like in any game, the game can only be played with two players. Hence, he can only play with you, if you allow him to. This statement hurts, because suddenly we realise that satan only have as much power over us as we allow him to have.

I want to tell you today that if you don’t have a relationship with Christ, you are being played by satan. The only way to get out is to choose Christ as your Saviour and to live your life according to God’s Word. Secondly, if you do have a relationship with Christ, be careful and be alert, because satan walks around like a roaring lion, wanting to devour you. Stand firm on the Word of God and remember that it was given to us as part of the armour of God (Ephesians 6:10 – 24) where God said that His Word is the Sword of the Spirit. Read the Word, take it in, believe it and live it by continuously proclaiming it. You see dear reader, satan knows the power of the Word and therefore his aim is to let you doubt. Be awake in the Spirit and pray in the Spirit. When all kinds of attacks come your way, recognise them in the Spirit.

You have the power given unto you by the Holy Spirit to stand firm, so whether you keep standing or not, is really up to you! If you have fallen into satan’s trap, and you have fell to the ground, he is now trampling on you. The good news however is that it is never too late to get up. Do you want victory? Then start to choose it right now! Get up quickly, God is holding His hand out to you. Stand on your two feet and keep your eyes on the empty cross. Ask forgiveness, for in forgiveness lies healing (1 John 1:9). Take up the Sword of the Spirit and start proclaiming God’s victory again. Come on, don’t lie down and don’t be caught up in satan’s games. You have power over him, so use it.

Dear reader, remember, nothing will happen to you that has not been captured in the Word of God. Draw your strength from the Word and don’t enter into any negotiations with satan, none whatsoever. Whatever happens, don’t compromise and never become his partner in the evil games he wants to play. Do not be caught off guard and remember the Words in Isaiah 7:9 that says, “if you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.”

With lots of love in Jesus Name
Princess K

PS: Dear reader, please remember that the scripture used are from the New International Version. If the scripture is read in another language and translation it might differ slightly. A verse in the NIV might be a different one in your bible, i.e. Ps 37:3 in the NIV might be Ps 37:4 in your bible. This does not always occur, but has happened in some instances.