Nthabiseng Patsa    January 9, 2011    Comments Off on Sex

Your best friend’s done it and is raving about how you “absolutely” have to try it too. And your boyfriend is also pushing the age-old line of “If you love me as much as you say you do, you’ll proof it by sleeping with me.” You ask yourself: should I? Your heart screams a big NO! Because not only are you not ready but because you would be going against your beliefs.  But you somehow manage to convince yourself that because everybody is doing it, it can’t be that bad.

Sex has become so common among teenagers, that it’s almost regarded as normal. It’s the flavour of the month now and if you’re not getting any, then there’s something wrong with you or you’re seriously slow. Not many people value the dignity that comes with virginity and sex only after marriage is, well, something only people in the 18th century did. Regardless of how many times our parents tell us not to do the “Deed” or how many times our pastors warn us of doing it before marriage or of how many times the Bible warns us of the consequences, we still turn a blind ear . Why? Because times changed and society is more accepting now. But how many of us know the true meaning of sex?

We know of the consequences that may occur: STI’s, unplanned pregnancies but what about the true meaning? God created this act for a man and woman who love each other and not because they say they love each other but because they really do. Furthermore, they respect each other and have no problem waiting for marriage. But it’s so easy to get caught up in it all because of all these campaigns that, instead of advising and trying to persuade teenagers, they advise them to have safe sex. And because, honestly, who does sex after marriage nowadays?

You think because everybody is doing it, it must be acceptable. But it is much more honourable to obey the voice of God than the ways of man and believe it or not, God has put aside that one special man who is saving himself just for you. So even if your best chums are doing it, it doesn’t mean you should too.

What it means is that you should tighten your belt and don’t you dare loosen your underwear and when that boy friend of your starts using that cheesy line, you tell him, “Brother, put a ring on it first!” And don’t judge your friends if they’ve had sex before. Remind them that God loves them very much and He forgives.

Nthabiseng Patsa