Secret Affair

Jesus to my Rescue    December 6, 2011    Comments Off on Secret Affair

My best friend Lim CS 31 years used to come back to his house ( he stays with his aged parents) at 10pm after his work finishes at 9pm. For the past 3 weeks, he comes back between 1am and 3am or never comes but spend the night with a girl at her place. On his off days he will be at the girl’s place.  He shouts or scould his aged parents if they question him. He has no more interest to take care of his parents and he wants to abandon them.  Lim was a careing, loving and obedient son to his parents. He is their only child. Now, his parents are heartbroken, sad and cry most of the time. They want back their only child. They want to stop the relationship between Lim and the unknown girl. Please pray that Lim totally stops this secret affair. Please pray that he returns back to his parents and stays with them. Please pray for this miracle to happen as soon as possible. Thank you.

Edwin, Malaysia.