Saved from occult

Jesus to my Rescue    August 11, 2014    Comments Off on Saved from occult

 I was born and raised in the ZCC church.I became a prophet and became involved in the deep occult secrets which more than 95% of over 15 million members of the church don’t even know or have a little idea of. I used to lead a secret group of prophets that prayed in the mountain caves and rivers at night speaking with the snake gods and the spirits.I was trained to place a curse in a person’s life and even to kill. My main job in the Christian world was to make powerful Christians that cause chaos in the dark world fall. There are many churches that operates in the pretense of Christianity.

Jesus came to me in person and ordered me to let the world know the truth.Because of my stubbornness I was ordered to hang myself before confessing and it was my then pregnant fiance that prayed for me as she was a saved Christian.I lost everything in my life and I live on people’s handouts. God commanded me to tell the world the truth.

Regards, Tiisetso, Johannesburg, South Africa