Remember the prayer in the garden

Elizma Bylefeldt    August 12, 2013    Comments Off on Remember the prayer in the garden

Dear friends in Christ,

Thank you for taking the time to read another article. As always, I would like to thank God for the opportunity to share some thoughts with you and today I pray God’s blessings, abundantly, on every person who enters the JTMR website, looking for answers, waiting for hope, searching for God. Our Lord sees that you are seeking Him and if you do so with all your heart, you will find Him. ( Jer 29:13.)

I was reading the final chapters of the Gospel of Mark last night, and was moved by chapter 14. We have all read about how Jesus went to pray in the garden of Gethsemane and His disciples fell asleep while they were supposed to keep watch. For the first time though, I realised just how human Jesus actually was and it was very humbling, to the point where tears were actually streaming down my face.

Mark 14:33- 34 tells us He was troubled, DEEPLY distressed and that His soul was EXCEEDINGLY sorrowful even to the point of death. Dear friends, have you ever been there? I don’t think any of us could imagine what Jesus had to go through in that garden. He fell down on the ground and prayed that the cup He was meant to drink from would be taken away from Him and He prayed in faith by telling the Father that all things were possible for Him. I believe Jesus really wanted desperately to get out of that situation and He had faith that His Father was indeed able to do it. Yet Jesus asked that The Father’s Will be done above all else. Dear friends, think for a moment how it must feel to know you have to give your whole life and die for a world who denies you? Can you imagine having to die for your worst enemy? Would you die for rapists and murderers? For the drunk driver who caused an innocent loved one to die???  If you were in that situation, would you be able to say “Lord, let Your will be done here”?

I don’t think I would be able to do it! I would not be able to offer my life for someone who is filled with hate or who doesn’t care about what is good or for someone who denies my worth and even wants me dead! Yet Jesus, in being totally human, like you and me, with feelings and emotions like you and me, did just that. He initially prayed and asked The Father to get Him out of that situation, yet His Father said no. What did Jesus do then? He ACCEPTED God’s Will in total obedience and He walked the road to the cross, without one bad word or thought towards those who were about to kill Him. Not ONE bad word or thought. In fact, he asked God to forgive them. THAT is love.

Dear friends, what do we do when God says no to something we desperately want or need? What is our reaction when God’s Will is not what we hoped for, not what we prayed for, even if we prayed in faith, like the Bible tells us we should?  Do we accept God’s decision in totality, with love and humbleness, while still praising our Father? Or do we begrudgingly fight against it, challenge God or try to bargain with Him and if that doesn’t work, do we start feeling sorry for ourselves and sometimes even blame God for His decisions?

That brings me to my next question. Where would you and I be today if Jesus did not accept His Father’s Will? How would our lives, our future and eternity look if Jesus decided to follow His own human heart and emotions and turned away, blaming The Father or refusing to accept His decision??  God’s decision not to give Jesus what He prayed for in desperation that night, and the choice that Jesus made in love and obedience by accepting God’s Will even if it meant losing His life, has given each and every one of us, a chance to receive eternal life! Just think of how major the impact of God’s Will and Jesus’ acceptance of God’s Will on that night was to all the generations of people who will ever walk the earth.

Dear friends, maybe we should start thinking about the consequences of our reactions to God’s decisions. If we pray for a loved one to be healed of a disease, and we proclaim healing in faith and instead God chooses not to heal that person and that person dies, we need to accept His Will with love and humbleness. When we pray for anything we may need or really want, having faith that God can and will give it to us and God chooses not to do so, we have to be able to let God be God and we need to accept it, without any anger or self pity or blame, because we have no idea why God makes the choices He does. We have no idea how one decision from God and our reaction to that decision could influence our lives, our futures as well as that of other people all around us. The important thing to remember is that God never makes a decision without a good reason for it and whatever God’s choice is, even if it seems unfair or harsh to us, we need to remember that our Heavenly Father KNOWS the plans He has for us. Those plans we cannot yet understand or see. He already KNOWS those plans and they are GOOD. They are plans to prosper us and NOT to harm us. Plans to give us a future and a hope. God gives us that promise. ( Jer 29:11.)

We always say that we want to be more like Jesus, Maybe now is the time to start becoming more like Him, simply by remembering His reaction to The Father’s decision that night when He was praying desperately in the garden and by considering what that reaction meant for you and me. The next time we pray for something, and God has a different plan from what we hoped for, let us try to accept His Will and do so with a thankful heart knowing that God has a very good reason for His decision and a very good plan to go with it.

Father, I want to thank You for knowing the things that we don’t know. Thank You for holding our future in Your hands and that You have a reason for every decision You make.  Lord, thank You for Your promise to us in Jer 29:11 and that You are faithful in every way. Father, help us to always accept Your Will, even if it isn’t what we prayed for or expected. Lord I love You. You are everything and You are all to me. Amen.

Be fearless in Christ.


(Scriptures are taken from the NKJV, unless stated differently.)