Jesus to my Rescue Ministries & Outreach are hosts to various FREE conferences and talks. The purpose of these conferences are 
to equip men and women to deal with the daily issues and challenges we are faced with.

We strive to inspire and motivate those attending our conferences to stand up for themselves through the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit. We also try and bring all denominations, colours and religions together under one roof as we all serve one Almighty God.

We are all created by one God, following one Jesus Christ and therefore need to learn to respect each other so that we can all play our role in the body of Christ successfully.

We have hosted 7 successful conferences since 2013 as well as various other talks throughout South Africa. We also offer talks at churches and other conferences when possible.

The majority of our conferences thus far has been under the following topics: Who am I, Desires of your heart, Offering, Real Men, Black & White and Landmine’s.