Bible Drive


Jesus to my Rescue needs your old Bibles!  Well, when we say Jesus to my Rescue, we actually mean the millions of people out there who cannot afford to buy a Bible themselves and who is as Hungry for the Word of God as you are!

The Jesus to my Rescue Bible Drive was launched with one goal in mind and that is to provide our poor communities, with a special focus on the children, with Bibles and enough reading and learning material to help them learn more about Jesus and in the process plant a seed of love and hope in their lives and hearts.

We are not asking you to spend money on buying new Bibles (no problem if you want to), but only to look around your house and see if you have old Bibles lying around which can be of help to others!

We will take in any Bibles that is in a good “reading” condition as well as any children books!

Please click here to find out more about this project or if you would like to become a sponsor!