What we do


The biggest project we have is right here on the internet, where we reach more than 300 000 people each year through our website and social media channels. The internet ministry focus on spreading the Gospel of Jesus to the world. We also provide great motivational content for the whole family, helping them to grow spiritually through our many bible study tools, articles and e-books. Click here to read more about our Internet Ministry!

We also reach out to communities in South Africa where we interact with people on a personal basis, feeding the hungry, training the poor and handing out Christian motivational reading material, including Bibles. We have a strong passion for kids and their development, therefore we focus first and foremost on them, spending quality time with them, talking to them about Jesus. We visit various children homes, safe houses, baby houses and old age homes.

Our main outreach projects are:

Bible Drive (Distribution of Bibles) – Click Here
Feeding the Hungry (Feeding Schemes) – Click Here
Women’s & Men’s  Conferences – Click Here
Jesus to my Rescue for India – Click Here
JTMR for the Aged – Click Here
Training for Jesus – Click Here
Internet Ministry – Click Here

You can follow our outreaches by joining our Facebook Page where we load information regularly about where we reach out to and post pictures of these outreaches. Click here to join us on Facebook! Click here to view videos of our outreaches on YouTube!