Pray for health and finance

Jesus to my Rescue    September 7, 2011    Comments Off on Pray for health and finance

I greet you in the Name of thy Son Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and Almighty Heavenly Father God. Fellow Brothers & Sisters, I would like you to pray for me and I believe through faith anything is possible. I want get healing from backage pains, debts (finances), access to vehicle, family house, get a new paying job and happy marriage. My finances status or records are ridicously bad and I am extremely in debts – I cant even buy a vehicle or own a house. The children under performs at school, struggle to keep up with school fees and I can’t buy them new clothes. We just got a bouncy babe daughter on 14th August whom I gave her the middle name “Faith”. By participating in prayer chains heals me physically but spiritually I am suffering extremely bad. I need help urgently and I can’t cope with the situation anymore because of the stress levels, restless and sleepless nights. Please pray for me to overcome the conditions I found myself.

Mr. Joel Haletuke, Pretoria, South Africa