Non believer saved

Jesus to my Rescue    March 12, 2010    Comments Off on Non believer saved

14 December 2009

I just want to share my experience with God, over the years, as I look back onto my life. Quite a few years back, when I was much younger than now, I knew and was friends with a nice girl that worked for the same company as I did.  At that stage, I had much difficulty in my married life, and turned to the Lord.  After one Sunday morning ceremony, I went home to my room, and on my knees to pray to God, and to invite Him into my life, as I felt that things was getting too much for me, and I could not go on.  I got on my knees, and immediately felt the presence of God in the room with me.

As I closed my eyes and started to pray, I was filled with the Holy Spirit, and started speaking in tongues. I was amazed with this experience, as it felt as if the speaking came from deep inside, and as if I stood one side, and listened to it. I had no control over it, it just flowed, like a waterfall – It was absolutely amazing. I prayed for my friend who had cancer at the time, a young single mother with a small child she has to care for. I asked God to heal her, as she has such a pure and kind heart, and I just could not bear the thought that she had to be sick and could die of it. God told me, to go in the next day to work, and tell her that He healed her cancer, and that she is well again.

I could not wait to go to the work the next day, and called her to my desk to tell her the good news. I was overly excited, and told her that I prayed for her, and that God told me to tell her that she has been healed from her cancer. What happened next, I was totally unprepared for – she looked at me, like she thought I lost my mind, and as I started to cry, and plead with her, I grabbed her hand, and begged for her to believe me, I saw the fear in her eyes. She really thought I’d gone mad. There was nothing more I could do, I did what God told me, and I decided to leave it at that, because I knew she will get her results, as I knew she went for tests. And I just put that in the Lords hands to deal with it.

For sure, a week later, she came into the offices, full of smiles and gladness, and came to me first, to tell me the GOOD NEWS, that the results came out clear, and that the doctors were puzzled, how could this be true, but I knew the answer. Today, years later, I still remember that time in my life, when God stepped in and healed a non believer!!! Thank you God, I praise your wonderful name.

Nina D