Keep going

Princess K    October 1, 2010    Comments Off on Keep going

Father God, I give You all the glory, for You are the one and only God. I worship You and You alone!  Amen.  Jesus, I am so in love with You!  Thank you for saving me and being my best friend. I glorify Your Name! Amen.  Holy Spirit, where do I begin to explain what You mean to me.  You are my everything, my life, my breath.  I honour and love You! Amen!

For the past 4 weeks, we as a family have been going through severe challenges and at some point you want to ask when will it all stop.  My children were in a car accident on their way home from church and when I reached the accident scene and saw the car, I was left cold.  I just screamed out to God for mercy.  When I met up with the children, I realised that there were no cuts, blood or broken bones.  Praise God!  Amen!  In no time the metro police, paramedics and many people from church were on the scene, helping out.  Praise God. Amen!  Standing there made me feel so helpless, so reliant on my Lord and Saviour!  My son was admitted to hospital and treated for damage to his neck ligaments and soft tissue, whilst my daughter received treatment for damaged neck ligaments.

My son was released 3 days later, only to be admitted again after a week for another 5 days under heavy sedation.  As I write this article, he is still wearing a neck brace but doing better daily.  My daughter has been completely healed.  Amen!  On top of all these challenges, my husband hurt his back and was rushed to hospital.  During this time, I experienced satan asking me whether I wanted it to stop.  I didn’t even answer him.  I turned to God immediately and said to the Lord that I am so tired and that I don’t know why all this is happening.  I then realised that God has been working in our lives through the ministering of His word, to men and women and hundred of lives have been touched in a period of 4 – 5 weeks.  All the glory to God!  Amen!  As we drove to hospital today with my husband’s back in spasm and my son’s back reacting negatively to the spasms in his neck, we talked about the Ephesians 6, putting on the full armour of God.  We prayed, we declared and decided as a family, that we will never be defeated, because the battle has already been won and that means that satan has no stronghold over our lives.  Amen!

Our challenges have been on my children’s life and their health and it has been going for weeks.  What are you being challenged with right now?  Perhaps you have more than one challenge and it has been going on for months or years.  Maybe your challenges have brought you to a place of feeling negative, depressed and even to the point of questioning God.  Is this you dear reader?  Is this is how you feel?  I want to encourage you to stand firm in your faith (Isaiah 7:9 – NIV).  Know that Jesus knows how you feel.  When He was arrested and accused, bruised, flocked and eventually brutally crucified, he experienced a feeling of being alone.  In this time He also called out to Father God asking Him why He has forsaken Him.  You see, there is nothing that Jesus does not understand.  The question is whether you focus on your challenges or on the empty cross?  The empty cross is proof of the victory won on the cross.  Therefore God tells us to put on the full armour of God (Ephesians 6), to stand firm in the Lord and in His mighty power, know who the real enemy is and pray in the Spirit.  Amen!

You might say, yes Princess K, you make it sound so easy, but you have not been without a job for more than a year.  You have not been beaten and sworn at all the time.  You do not have a financial challenge and you have not been lonely for years not having anyone to talk to, to love.  You are right in many ways, I might not have experienced the challenges you have, but trust me, I have had my own.  For each person, their challenge is different and the depth thereof relies on many things.  The one thing however, that we all have to hold on to is Jesus Christ.  I do ask you dear reader, whether you have allowed the challenges to become your master, taking over or have you and are you still daily giving them over, in faith, to God?  You see, challenges there will always be, whether you are saved or not.

The difference is, if you are saved, you see clearly, you feel deeper, so you sense satan’s presence more directly.  If you are not saved, you simply get angry, swear, judge and blame everyone in the world.  You deal with things differently.  So we all have challenges and that will never change.  However, it is what we do with these challenges and how we react when we are in them.  I know who I am and what power is within me.  We must continuously declare victory in Jesus Name and we must make sure that we don’t allow challenges to bring us down that we end up living under it.  The only thing we should live under is the blood of Christ.

Dear reader, have faith.  Don’t give up!  Keep going!  Jesus kept going, all the way until He let out His last breath on that cross, for You and me.

With lots of love in Jesus Name

Princess K