Jesus “to do” box

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3 September 2009

Father God, You are my King and reign over all the earth! Jesus thank you for overcoming death for me, You are my best friend. Holy Spirit, thank you for living in me and guiding my every step!

Do you ever experience that you put your trust in someone, only to be disappointed at the end? You share your heart and innermost secrets and fears only to find that your secrets become the point of other people’s discussions. I have learnt in my life that there is no sense in complaining about my life or circumstances because complaining results in negative feelings and actions. This in turn affects your relationships, health and self esteem. So why then complain if it only affects us in a negative way?

Last year a sister in Christ reminded me about something I already knew but had forgotten. Matthew 6:25 says “therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear.” This verse actually sums it all up. Jesus came to set us free and to bless us abundantly. We serve a God for whom nothing is impossible (Mark 9:27). What you need to remember is that Christ is what you need and His Kingdom is what you should seek and then the rest will be added to you as well (Matthew 6:33).

This year have been so challenging in many ways, financially, transport, family, work etc. I sometimes felt like I was alone and that it would never stop. I realised that my strength does not lie in my abilities to solve the challenges but in Christ who gladly wants us to hand our challenges over to Him. You see our focus should be on our purpose and that is to serve God and to work for Him daily. When challenges come our way, we should simply hand them over to Jesus to deal with, so that our focus is not shifted to our challenges but remain with God’s purpose for our life. It sounds easy but takes some thinking, action and faith. I’ve tried it so many times, only to fail every time that I take back, that which I have already handed over to God. I try to solve it in my own way and in my time. Well, needless to say that it always ends up in a mess and then I have to go back to God to apologise and start all over again.

I read an article about putting your challenges in the Jesus to do box and it made me think again. I tested it when my car broke down on the N1 on my way to work one morning. We have been spending thousands of rands over a couple of months on this car, and I was not prepared to continue allowing satan to rob us from our finances. I refused to get back into the car and said to the Lord that I can’t work for Him and have to travel in an unreliable vehicle costing me a fortune. I took a stand of faith. I asked God to bless me with a new car and started quoting scripture of faith over my life. Needless to say a week later I was driving my new car. Why am I telling you this? It’s not about the car; it’s about my faith in allowing God to solve my challenges. Ever since, I am putting all the things coming my way that even looks like a challenge into the Jesus to do box.

I am currently with the help from Jesus and friends, arranging a fundraising event for Reach for A Dream. We are selling 200 tickets and so many times there have been challenges with people withdrawing from the project. I simply placed all these issues into the Jesus to do box and forgot about them. The wonderful news is that once I placed it in the Jesus to do box, I through faith left it there and then could see how the miracles unfold. I stopped asking and started saying thank you over and over again and was amazed by the results of my faith in Christ.

You see dear reader, it is not about the challenge, it is not about the result, but about your faith in Christ to do all things. Big or small, significant or insignificant, nothing is impossible for our God who reigns over all the earth. Nothing! So why then do we try to solve everything if God already has the answer worked out for us? We should stop worrying and put each challenge into the Jesus to do box, which is never too small and never gets full. Once you have placed it in the Jesus to do box, have faith in our God and see how the miracles in your life unfold.

With lots of love in Jesus Name

Princess K