Jesus appeared!

Jesus to my Rescue    August 10, 2010    Comments Off on Jesus appeared!

This true experience may sound fake to some people who don’t really walk with Jesus in their lives but to me and to those who know that Jesus is the Son of God will know how the power of our Lord can bring many miracles into our lives.  If we allow ourselves to receive then we shall receive and if we add faith to it then this can happen to anyone!

A few weeks ago I was faced with many challenges, specifically finance but also satan trying to pull be back and away from the Truth.  Those that have been there before would know how these challenges can play with your emotions and how hard it could be dealing with it.  After a few days of satan’s attack on me, I decided to dedicate hours of prayer and I had no intention of stopping until I felt that my powers had been renewed by the Spirit.  I once again claimed victory over my life in the name of Jesus Christ and took all my troubles to Him, asking Him to guide me and protect me with His blood.

I also started crying while I was praying and asked a few times that Jesus give me some assurance that He was still with me in this challenge.  This was not because I was disbelieving but rather as a way of getting the renewed strength.  The difference in my prayer was that it really came out of my heart and with strong faith that the Lord is with me and right next to me.  While I was praying I felt someone breathe over my face but ignored it at first.  Later on I felt it again and again and so many times that I stopped praying to actually go and check if all the doors and windows of my house were locked.  I then continued to pray and the next moment got Goosebumps all over my body and it felt as if all the hair I had moved while I had this tingling feeling all over.

I then felt a REALLY strong blow right in and over my face and immediately knew that it was Jesus showing me that He was there and showing me that He was still with me all the way in my challenges.  I cried loudly and I could not stop and just kept on shouting thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, you are the King of all Kings!  I knew and had no doubt in my mind that Jesus was there with me giving me the power to go on, giving me the protection and giving me the victory once again.  At that very moment it felt like all the problems and challenges I had disappeared, well it did not disappear but I knew that He was aware of it and that He was still with me in my journey through this season I am in.

I thank you Jesus for this experience!  This has not been my first, in fact, I have had many, and every time I feel them, it feels like the first time!  God is good; ALL THE TIME!

Jaco van As, Brackenfell