Is it your calling?

Elizma Bylefeldt    January 27, 2014    Comments Off on Is it your calling?

Dear friends in Christ,

As always I am blessed to write another article and even more blessed to start my second year with JTMR. When I look back at last year and how much I have learnt and gained in my life through working with the team, I realise just how much God has really blessed me. I now also realise something that I never knew before: Doing work for God is what makes me come alive! The day I started spreading God’s love was the day I found life. Amen!

Today I would like to share a couple of thoughts about working for the Kingdom of God and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Dear friends, how many of us take an active part in doing work for the kingdom of God? How many of us can say that on a daily basis we serve His Kingdom and bring it to the world around us? Here I am NOT talking about being a good Christian and reading your Bible or praying daily and setting a good example for people around you. Yes, in doing that we are pleasing God and doing what He expects of each of His Children, but today though, I am talking about standing up, taking the Word of God and working for God’s Kingdom, spreading His Gospel. Spreading His love, out in the field. I am talking about reaching out to those who need God in their lives and don’t know Him yet, those who hurt and need His healing those who are hungry and need His Living Water, those who feel guilty and need to yet realise that they have been forgiven!

I find it shocking to see how many people believe that living a “good Christian life” and “setting an example” for others, is “doing work for God” and that that is enough unless they are specifically “called” to actively serve through ministry or missionary work or evangelism. So many Christians believe that it is just not their “calling” to do anything more than trying to live a life pleasing to God. It is such a widely accepted notion that it is even called “A CALLING” to be in ministry or doing missionary work!! In other words the world believes that in order for us to go into action and do something for God , He needs to come and basically pull us up to Him and whisper in our ears that we have been called?

Dear friends if you believe this I have to respectfully tell you HOW WRONG YOU ARE!

The day you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour was the day you accepted a calling! God’s Spirit called out to you with love and your spirit within you answered and said “Yes Lord, here I am. I accept You into my life!” After that you are God’s child and it is your right, your privilege and your responsibility ( NOT WORK for The Kingdom), to live every day of your life “as a good Christian”, trying to set an example for others, saying no to wrong and sinful things, asking forgiveness when you sin and forgiving other people when they wrong you. It is part of your new spirit, your new identity, your new personality and your new being. Doing these things is part of who you now are and it is definitely not supposed to be seen as “doing your part for God” or “working for God’s Kingdom.” No, it is simply part of who you are as a child of God! If you have truly chosen God, you can’t decide whether you want to live right and be an example to non believers, you have to and you cannot think that living the way God expects His Children to live, means doing work for God’s Kingdom. It only means that you have died to the sinful nature ( Rom 6:2), and are no more living by the law of sin, but that you are now living in Christ ( Rom 7:6) and it is through Him that you live and move and have your being( Acts 17:28.) Doing WORK for His Kingdom is so much more than just living right. Just living a good “Christian life” is not a calling and neither is “working” for God’s Kingdom!!

Dear friends, hear this: Doing work for the Kingdom of Heaven- as in ministering, preaching the Good News, feeding the hungry, reaching out to the poor, bringing God’s love to those who don’t yet know about it- is NOT a calling that falls upon only a select group of us! It is a part of who we all are as children of the Living God, just as “living a good life” and “not sinning” is part of who we are and should be.

Our whole PURPOSE on earth IS to spread the Gospel so that the Kingdom of God may come and that no soul will go unsaved.  What did Jesus say to Simon (called Peter) and his brother Andrew? He invited them to become His disciples and told them that He would make them fishers of men (Matt 4:19). That is exactly what His disciples were- fishers of men. They fished out people for the Kingdom of God by walking with Jesus and learning from Him to do what He did, which was:  Preaching the Gospel, spreading the Good News, feeding the hungry, serving the poor and needy, healing the sick, baptising people in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, planting the seeds of God’s Kingdom in the hearts of those who did not know Him. When Jesus later appeared to His disciples before His ascension, He gave them instruction to carry on with His Good Work and to make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:19). In other words God wants all of us to be not just believers, but disciples, thus fishers of men for God’s Kingdom.

God expects His children to keep doing His Good Work and how do we do that? We do it by reaching out to those who don’t know God yet and those who are in need. We cannot turn our backs on our purpose as children of God. We cannot sit back and allow excuses such as “I am not called for it”, to keep us from doing what we are supposed to do and predestined to do here on earth. Let us remember that the next time the opportunity to work for the Kingdom comes along, or even better, let us go out and MAKE the opportunity so that others can join us in doing what God sent us out to do.

Dear Lord,

I thank You Father, that I have the privilege of calling myself Your Child. Thank You that I can work for Your Kingdom here on earth and thank You for blessing me beyond words when I do Your Will. My soul comes alive in You. Lord, You are everything and You are all to me. Amen.

Expect the unexpected and be fearless in Christ.


(PS: Scripture is taken from the NKJV, unless stated differently.)