I can’t contain it

Princess K    July 8, 2016    Comments Off on I can’t contain it


Father in the name of Jesus I come before you today and I realise once again that You, God Almighty, have chosen me to be Your child.  What an honour and privilege to be called a daughter of the one and only true King.  Jesus, thank You for saving me and for that I owe You my life.  Holy Spirit, I acknowledge you in my heart and in my life.  Without You, I would not be where I am today.  Glory to God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!  Amen!

As I am writing this article I am taken back to the age of 12.  I had such a desire to be close to the Lord.  I was well educated in the Bible through Sunday school classes in our church, but I wanted more.  I did not only want to know about the Lord, I wanted to know Him deeply, on a personal level.  I decided to also visit other churches on Sunday evenings to hear what they were teaching about Jesus Christ.  I remember visiting a Baptist Church with my brother one night and after the service, I went home and in my room, I gave my heart to Jesus Christ.  My life changed instantly.  Being only 12 years of age, I was only a child, however I became more aware of the Lord’s presence in the decisions I made.  I felt Jesus in me.  He started speaking into my heart and I was aware of His presence in my life all the time.  Yet, the need to be closer to Him and to get to know Him deeper, grew daily and I knew there was more.

I continued reading the Bible, which then was no longer just a book of teaching.  It became a daily must read, because every time I opened the Word of God, it became alive to me.  I felt the truth of the scriptures applying to my life, showing me where I had gone wrong and directing my decisions on the way forward.  The more I read the Word of God, the more I wanted.  The more I prayed and heard God’s voice in my heart, the more I wanted.  The more I saw the miracles in my life, the more I wanted.  I was so thirsty for Jesus, I could not contain it.

I started reading scriptures on being baptized with water and I had a hunger for that next step.  I could feel my spirit calling out to it.  However, at that point in time the church where I was a member, did not baptize with water, they christened babies as part of baptism.  I started visiting more charismatic churches and I my hunger grew stronger.  I realised that although I have been fed the Word of God, there was more.  I married and we continued serving in the church denomination we both grew up in.  My hunger never stopped, I continued my journey with Christ and I waited on God’s instruction on where to go and what to do.  At that time my husband knew Jesus, but he was not in a relationship with Him and I knew that Christ would not take me on a journey without my husband being present.  I did not want to visit a church where my husband was not comfortable, but at some point in time we moved to a new area and there was a church with white walls.  I remember us saying that we go to church on a Sunday and when we return they are still in church.  I was drawn to the church and when we received an invitation to attend a children’s service, we went.  We never looked back.  The church with the white walls, as I called it, was the Assemblies of God in Sun Valley, Cape Town, South Africa.

From the first day we entered the new church, our lives changed forever.  Within 2 weeks my husband gave his heart to Jesus and we started a New Life Foundation Course.  My goodness, I never felt more alive and the more I received from God in faith and prayer, the more I wanted.  I attended every possible service and every opportunity for prayer, I grabbed with open arms.  I knew that what I have been craving in the spirit was then happening all at once.  My whole life pattern and choices once again changed.  Our friendship circle changed and we started growing in faith, through Christ.  Within 4 weeks we had an invitation to be baptized in water and I remember how after more than 12 years since I gave my life to Jesus, I was so ready to be baptized.  That evening I climbed in the water with my husband and what happened to me, words can’t explain.  I could not contain the excitement.  The moment I went under the water, everything became quiet and it was just me and Jesus.  As I came up, I could hear people clapping hands and praising God, but it was in a distance.  It was simply me and Jesus for some time.  Now to be saved, it is about accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior (John 14:6).  However, for my next stage of spiritual growth it was to be baptized in water (Mat 28:19 – 20).

Since the day I was baptized with water, I took a leap in faith and I felt the presence of Christ in me, like never before.  Well, I was on a roll for Christ and nothing could stop me.  I realised that my heart and soul belonged to Christ and yet, I was longing for more.  I knew I received the Holy Spirit in my heart the minute I invited Jesus into my life.  I knew that I finally laid down my old life and took up my new life in Christ when I was baptized in water, yet I was missing something.  Reading various scriptures in the New Testament, especially from the book of Acts, I realised that I needed to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.  We prayed at church and I received the baptism with the Holy Spirit and since that moment in my life, God’s ministry for me started.  Looking back today, I realise that I started prophesying and ministering freely since I was baptized with the Holy Spirit.  I realise that not only did I receive Christ’s living water inside of me to empower and sustain me when I gave my heart to Jesus, but when I was baptized with the Holy Spirit, I also received streams of living water that I can’t contain.  It flows from me to those around me, touching their lives in the way God wants it to.

Dear reader.  I wanted to write to you and tell you about my experience, which was not something out of a story book, but from the Book of Life, the Bible.  It is true and I experienced it and up until today I still experience it.  Nothing has changed from when I was baptized with the Holy Spirit, other than growing closer to God on a daily basis.  I never feel far from my Lord.  Never!  He is alive in me through the Holy Spirit.  Once you have tasted the truth and made it your life, you simply can’t contain it.  It runs out of you like a river.  Your eyes, heart, smile, lips and walk of life shouts out to others that you are saved and free.  Many times you don’t even say a word, it just flows and touches those around you, whether at work, school or amongst friends.  It even runs over when you are being challenged and go through difficult times, because Christ in you is in control and His power that flows from You, You can’t contain.

My question then today is whether you are running over with love and joy every day, even on days when it feels like the world is crumbling at your feet?  The answer is Jesus.  You need Him, every moment of every single day.  Without Him, you can do nothing (John 15:5).  Do you know what?  Father God wants to split the sea so you can walk right through it.  He wants to drown your fears in perfect love.  He wants to rescue you and He wants you to stand up for Him and to say that you are His child.  He wants you to know that through Jesus Christ you will be forgiven and set free.  By accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you will no longer be subject to this world or economy and never again in your life will you be a slave to fear.

Dear reader, if you are confused, troubled, broken and lost, come to Jesus and accept Him as your Saviour.  If you want to overflow with peace and joy like me and like so many who have been set free by Jesus Christ, call on Jesus and give Him all your broken pieces, past mistakes and failures.  You belong to someone greater, you belong to God.  Come rest in Jesus.  You simply speak to Jesus and ask Him to come and live inside of you and to take over your heart, soul, mind and whole life.  Ask Him to forgive you for all past mistakes and then choose and live a pure and holy life.  When you pray this prayer with a pure heart and desire to receive Christ, you will.  His Holy Spirit will come and live in you.  Find a place of worship where Jesus is King.  Read the Bible and get to know Your Lord and Saviour.  Start by reading the New Testament first.  Ask to be baptized in water and also pray and ask Jesus to baptize you with His Holy Spirit.  Be open, be willing, and be ready for what will happen next, because it will be so big and so beautiful that you will not be able to contain it.  Then, go out and tell others what Jesus has done for you and help them to get to know Christ and to have a personal relationship with Him, just like you.

If you need any prayer, you can email jtmrministries@gmail.com or visit www.jesustomyrescue.com for further motivation.

A good book to read in support of this article is Biblical Truth Simply Explained – Baptism with the Holy Spirit written by Jack Hayford.  It highlights the book of Acts in the Bible, dealing with the baptism with the Holy Spirt.

Be blessed in Christ!


Lots of love, Princess K