God’s Perfect Timing

Jesus to my Rescue    May 23, 2016    Comments Off on God’s Perfect Timing

During my years of being a young adult, I learned that everything do not happen according to my time, but actually according to His time, My Father’s time. I learned that My Father would not give me something that I do not need or is not in perfect condition according to Him in every situation.

I wrote “A Prayer for a Godly Man” a time back and that was the time when I needed Him to answer me and to be there for me when I needed Him. The prayer involved a Godly Man. I waited for as long as He wanted me to wait, allowing His Perfect Timing on my request to Him and I was willing to wait for as long as I needed to wait for the right one.

Last year in October 2013, I received a Godly Man, a man that came at the right time, and one that He could see was the one I need and is perfect for my life, the man who goes to church and ask me when we can go again. The man, who spoil me and love me for being myself and not being someone else, someone he wants me to be, a man whom I had my first valentine’s date with and gave me the best evening ever and spoiled me with a bunch of flowers.

During last year I also had some challenges. I got my drivers after the fourth time trying and did so because I believed in myself and in Him. During the time I tried getting my drivers, God taught me to have patience, strength and courage and he wanted me to wait till January this year. I was on a car hunt for a long time, but my parents told me that I will only get my car in March 2014 and my mood was dull and down because I thought that He left me alone.

After a long battle of wondering why God put me in this situation, I felt that He was punishing me, instead of taking charge of my choices and making the best and perfect choice available for me. But then, then He provided me, with the help of my family, a car on the 24th of January and not any car,  but the car of my choice and in the condition that was best for Him.

I also learned to have faith in Him because in December 2013 I found out that I must repeat my second semester of one of my head-subjects in college, Psychology. If it was not for my faith in Him and support-structure of my family, I would not have had the will power to stand up and fight, be patient and wait in Him.

So, I am ready for this year of studies and any challenge that I might face. This semester I am only living and taking day by day according to His time and not my own. This year is all about Him and I will give Him all the glory for everything that has happened thus far and what is still to come. I would also like to thank Him for the strength and courage to face each day and start a new season with Him. Now I realise that everything will happen according to His perfect timing.

My motivation for this year: God’s time is perfect and on time, never late.

Jesus Love,

Marissa Hanekom