Faith like potatoes (Movie)

Jesus to my Rescue    December 8, 2010    Comments Off on Faith like potatoes (Movie)

Fait like patatoes is a brilliant movie every Christian and non-Christian should watch.  This true story is about a young  Zambian farmer of Scottish heritage (Angus Buschan and played by Frank Rautenbach), who leaves his farm in the midst of political unrest and racially charged land reclaims and travels south with his family to start a new life in South Africa. With only a caravan on a patch of land, and help from his foreman, Simeon Bhengu, the Buchan family struggled to settle in a new country.

Faced with ever mounting challenges, hardships and personal turmoil, Angus quickly spirals down into a life consumed by anger, fear and destruction. Based on the inspiring true story by Angus Buchan the book was adapted for the big screen by Regardt van den Bergh and weaves together the moving life journey of a man who, like his potatoes, grows his faith, unseen until the harvest. Written by Frans Cronje.

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