Do you feel lucky

Elizma Bylefeldt    April 7, 2014    Comments Off on Do you feel lucky

Dear friends in Christ,

We serve an awesome and loving God and I thank Him for the opportunity to write another article. We are nearing Easter and I find myself thinking back to this time last year and how much I have been blessed and how many of my prayers have been answered since then.

How many times do you look at other people and think “Wow, they’re so lucky.” It’s so easy to compare our lives to those of other people and find that we lack some of the good things they have. It is seldom that we compare ourselves with people who have less than we do, and count our blessings. Why? Because we tend to always want more. More money, more friends, more free time, more respect, more influence, more fun, more, more, more. It’s so exciting to think about what your life would be like if you were one of those people you call ‘lucky”.

Now think back over your life and try to count the number of times people have called YOU lucky? Most of us won’t be able to count it. Yet we very seldom realise that we are the “lucky” ones in the eyes of so many other people who see something in our lives that they would like to have too. We rarely realise how much we have.

Now, there are two questions I would like you to answer for yourself:

Are you grateful enough for what you have? Just look at the people surrounding you every day of your life: Your neighbours, your colleagues at work, your family, friends, etc. How many of them would love to have the life you have? We need to stop wanting more and envying people around us. If you are a child of God, you don’t need any of the things that all those “lucky” people have, for God provides everything His children need. It is also true that the things most of us do wish we had are usually the material things – the expensive car, biggest house, lots of money etc. Do we really need any of that??

It is nice to have a house and a car, and if you do not have those things, there is nothing wrong with desiring to have them, for no one would like to live on the street and suffer through winter or be hungry and have no food. But again, if you are in that situation, if you are a child of God, STOP desiring the house and car and finances that others have and start asking God to provide you with the house, transport and finances He knows you need. Stop envying the “lucky” people and start asking God to provide for you! At the same time, thank Him for what you DO have, even if it is only food for a couple of days.  The Word of God says: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God….” (Phil 4:6.)

God wants you to have life in abundance (John 10:10) and He wants to give you everything you need. So let us stop wanting the abundance He has given to others, les us stop looking with envy to what people around us have and let us ask for what we want and need from the One, the Only one who promises that He will give it to us! Jesus is the only one who can truly provide what we as children of the living God really want.

He should be the ONLY one we look to when there is something we want or need. Ask from God with thanksgiving for what you already have and thankfulness for who you already are in Christ, walk in His will, follow Him and live the way He  shows you to and you will find that soon you actually will have the things you once only thought the lucky people could have.

My second questions is what exactly IS it that you really want and need? Dear friends, there are many things I do have in my life and many people have called me lucky. Does that make me feel lucky? NO! In fact I hate the word lucky and I pray that I never ever feel lucky for that to me implies that the things I have in my life are somehow caused or provided by some unseen force of mere luck! Nothing can be further from the truth because I can honestly declare and testify that there is not one single thing in my life, no matter whether it is something material, something spiritual, emotional, physical, no matter what it is, that came to me by luck or by chance!

I am a born again child of the living God and because of that, my GOD provides for my every need.

EVERY good thing I have comes from God. How do I know it? Well, MY BIBLE TELLS ME SO. (James 1:17.) Also, whenever I have wished for something, I have not received it, BUT whenever I have prayed for something I need or even just want, and thanked God for providing what He knows is best for me, those things have come to me! So is that called luck? Am I one of the “lucky” ones?

NEVER! It is called being BLESSED! It is called “God providing in my every need and giving me the things I desire.” It is called “Tasting and seeing that the Lord is good “and that “Those who seek the Lord will lack NO GOOD THING.”( Psalm 34.)

There are many things in life that I don’t have and will never have, yet I have everything I need and I do not desire the things that others have. I would have no need for them, because I am not those other people! I am me and my God will give me what He knows I need! Dear friends, let us stop wanting to be one of the ‘lucky’ ones and let us start aiming for being one of the blessed ones! May people who look at your life say that you are one of those “blessed” people who seem to have everything they want and more. AMEN!

Thank You Lord for blessing me. Thank You that I will ALWAYS have everything that I need. Thank You that You WANT to give me the things I need and the things I would like in my life! Make me more thankful for everything You have already provided for me. Lord you are everything and You are all to me. Amen.

Expect the unexpected and be fearless in Christ.


(Ps: Scripture is taken from the NKJV unless stated differently.)