Desires of your heart

Princess K    September 26, 2011    1 Comment on Desires of your heart

Thinking about it for a minute, makes you wonder about whether we are allowed to desire?  According to Exodus 20:17, God says “do not desire another man’s house, wife, slaves, cattle, donkeys or anything else that he owns”  It is therefore clear according to the Bible, that we may not desire something that belongs to someone else, but does this mean that we may not desire at all?

We all know what the Bible says in Genesis 1 – 2 about how God created the world and then he created us as humans, in His image.  The question then is if we know this, do we realise what it means?  To be created in God’s image means to be a reflection of Him.  In other words, physically we as humans are created in His image.  He breathed air into our lungs; hence his breath is what keeps us alive.  The way Jesus wept and showed emotions when he dealt with the sick, poor and helpless, are evidence that we were also created with emotions.  God created the world with all its wonders that even man can’t comprehend the detail that is simply indescribable.  His creativity in the detail planned and executed, just to create each and every person to uniqueness is evidence that He is the Master of creativity.

The amazing truth in this is that we are created in His image, in other words, we are empowered with creativity, just waiting to be unleashed.  What an amazing revelation to know that this is backed with scripture in Philippians 4:13 that says “I can do everything, through Him who gives me strength.”  Last but not least is that God Himself desires and this means that we are entitled to desire.  However, we are not allowed to desire something that already belongs to someone else.

God has one great desire and it is our hearts.  He is also a jealous God and desires your full attention and time.  He desires to walk with you, talk with you and to bless you in all you do.  What an amazing feeling and thought to know that God desires us.  He wants to be with us and live Himself out through us.  If this is then God’s desire, then our first desire should also be to love and honor God.  Psalm 37:4 says “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  This verse can also be read with Matthew 6:33 that say “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.”

The question is what does it mean to delight yourself in the Lord?  To me it refers to constantly being close to the Lord, to make sure that your priorities reflect Him, to become still before Him regularly so that one could hear the voice of the Holy Spirit clearly.  It also refers to refraining from the things that are wrong and to commit everything you think, choose and do to the Lord.  It also means to wait on Him patiently and in faith, even if it takes a while.  What one must realise is that your own heart’s desires have a direct impact on yourself, your family and friends, in fact on everyone around you.  The minute you desire change, God gets to work, starting with you first and this often is painful, yet rewarding.  He will start cutting off the branches in your life that do not bear fruit (John 15), and this in turn will give birth to new beginnings.

So now we know that God desires us and that for us to obtain the desires of our heart, we must delight ourselves in the Lord, but there is more.  We must constantly be alert, for satan also knows God’s heart and he knows that when God says in His Word that He will do something, He does it.  Therefore, stay focused and have a positive attitude.  When your faith is challenged, stop complaining and start declaring victory in Christ.  Furthermore, when you put your request to God, always trusts with hope and faith instead of focusing on the challenge and coming across as desperate.  Remember, God is planted in us, through the Word (James 1:21), so stand on the Word in all challenges that come along your path, wanting to block you from obtaining the desires of your heart.

In summary, always remember the truth that God desires you.  You may desire and must dream big, because you serve a big God, for whom no dream is too big.  Share your heart’s desire with the Lord; He is waiting to hear from you.

Princess K

NOTE:  Scriptures are taken from the NIV Bible.