Confidence in Christ

Nthabiseng Patsa    November 12, 2012    Comments Off on Confidence in Christ

In whom does your confidence lie? Too often, the world misleads us into believing that success can be achieved by our own abilities; all we have to do is believe in ourselves. Take note that there is a difference between having confidence in yourself and having confidence in Christ, who is in you. Confidence in Christ means that we let go of hope and assurance we may have in our own strength and we come to accept that whether good or bad times, we are not and never were, in control of our lives.

As our minds become renewed by this knowledge, we begin to see life in a whole new perspective. We begin to understand that our strength is limited and that in order to fulfill God’s perfect will in our lives, we need more than determination and zeal but also need the power of God Almighty. In light of the foregoing, we need to seek God and pray fervently that God may give us the grace to understand that in His Kingdom power and greatness is gained through meekness and submitting ourselves to His authority. While it is true that we can do all things, it is imperative that we remember that the Word says we can do all things “through Christ” who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13).

When we learn that it is by grace alone, we will develop a consciousness of the great impact God has deep within us and from that knowledge we will gain Christ-confidence and self-confidence will evaporate into nothingness. The Bible teaches us in Romans 12:2 that because we are now in Christ, we no longer conform to the patterns of this world. This means that if or when the world goes in one direction, we go in the opposite direction. In this there is no compromise. We are not here to be like the world; we are here to influence and draw the world to be like God. In likeness, those who have confidence in their own abilities are actually being led by the flesh. What we also know is that the flesh is of sin nature and is only interested in gratifying its own sinful desires. Galatians 5:19-21 engages us in a discussion about the acts of the sinful nature.

After reading this scripture, we begin to understand that everything has consequences and that sometimes we hurt God because we do not take the time to study and meditate on His Word. As our way of behaving is being altered and perfected by Christ, those in our circles of influence will see His glory in us and will come to realize that there is no shame in being meek. Let us embrace higher and holier ways of thinking and stop looking down on those around us. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to saturate every fibre of our being so that the world may see that trusting in oneself is a sure way of self-destruction. There is no question that God only wants what’s best for us and us allowing Him to work through and in us is the only way His will and perfection will find fulfillment in our lives. So next time anyone asks you in whom does your confidence lie, say with pride that you have Christ-confidence: confidence that is consistent and without defect.

God bless,

Nthabiseng Patsa