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God’s Perfect Timing

During my years of being a young adult, I learned that everything do not happen according to my time, but actually according to His time, My Father’s time. I learned… Read more »

Where is God?

Where is God? How often have you been confronted with the question: If there is a God and if He is a loving God, then why is there so much… Read more »

Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up from your sleep, from your slumber! In this day and age Christianity has become a label, a hobby and a group people choose to belong to…. Read more »

Let’s get wasted!

Let’s get wasted! This is a term known by many or almost all young people all over the world and sadly it’s something just as many find acceptable. “YOLO”, “We’re… Read more »

Hate my life

Hate my life You just don’t care anymore; you are tired of your life, the people in it making it hell to live in and all the other disappointments that… Read more »

Are you doing enough?

Are you doing enough? Are you doing enough to be called a child of God?  Are you the perfect Christian? Are you worthy of His forgiveness? Do you deserve your… Read more »

Seek God

Have you made the decision to give your life to God? Have you turned a new page and accepted Jesus Christ as your saviour? Are you going to church, reading… Read more »

Forgiving yourself

There is probably only a few people on earth that does not have a bunch of things that they regret, that eats away at them, that makes them feel like… Read more »


We were swallowed by our shame……. We were caved in by our fears…. We were full of regret and despair… We deserved punishment for our wrong doings…. We were condemned… Read more »

Why do we pray?

God says he know us all by name. He knows what our needs are and exactly how many hairs we have on our heads, where we’ve been and where we’re… Read more »

Deliberate Sin

Why do people knowingly do wrong? This is a question that has baffled philosophers for centuries. We often know right from wrong, yet sometimes when push comes to the shove;… Read more »

Confidence in Christ

In whom does your confidence lie? Too often, the world misleads us into believing that success can be achieved by our own abilities; all we have to do is believe… Read more »

He did not hate

Somewhere in ever persons life someone comes along and mistreats you so badly that you eventually hate them. What does God say about hatred? In 1 John 3:15 God says:… Read more »


Your best friend’s done it and is raving about how you “absolutely” have to try it too. And your boyfriend is also pushing the age-old line of “If you love… Read more »

Fitting in

So you’ve just started your High school career and everything is totally different from Primary. You’re all grown up now and believe that your transition from “childhood” to teenagehood allows… Read more »

Just Hold On

Have you ever tried to do something you thought was absolutely important and it flopped miserably? And no matter how much time, effort, sweat and sleepless nights you put in,… Read more »


As teens, the choices we make today can and will affect the outcome of our tomorrow. And the choices we make today have to be thought through carefully because if… Read more »