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Great inspirational miracle stories from people around the world! See the great work of God!

Genees deur Jesus

Ek het nog altyd gehardloop vir ontspanning en ook later die Twee-Oseane en Comrades ultra- marathons voltooi. Bykans 20 jaar gelede het ek egter my enkel ernstig gebreek – dit was… Read more »

Saved from occult

 I was born and raised in the ZCC church.I became a prophet and became involved in the deep occult secrets which more than 95% of over 15 million members of the church don’t… Read more »

My Getuienis

My getuienis op 14 Feb 2013 – Die aand wat die Heilige Gees aan my openbaar het. Die Here was so ‘n amanzing vandag… Grootste geskenk ooit… Ek was die… Read more »

Miracle Baby

Nine months ago I found that I was pregnant. I was so excited, so I scheduled my first Doctor appointment.  when I got there they did an ultrasound and they… Read more »

No more drugs

I grew up as a popular kid, and good at sports. I was also shy; always knowing the friends I had weren’t my true friends. I was constantly looking for… Read more »

God is good

I was at a gas station buying gas and the girl-cashier gave me an extra $20. I thought about it for a second “should I give this back” without any… Read more »

Healed from cancer

30 July 2009 May 25, 1995 presented me with quite a surprise — and another of life’s challenges. Confronted with the evidence of a Grade IV malignant brain tumor my… Read more »

Son healed

30 July 2009 On January 17 my 16yr old son went to visit his father out of town, he became very ill with a virus three days later they took… Read more »

Are you ready?

15 July 2009 Hi All Just need to share our horrific experience with u all. Myself and Hylton went to fetch Jenna last night. To cut a long story short…. Read more »

Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer 25 June 2009 My friend Kathy was talking to a maintenance worker at the school where we work. He mentioned that his boss, Bud, was duck hunting. Kathy… Read more »


27 May 2009 Where do we start, how did it all come about. Those of you who know me will know where I am coming from and all the word… Read more »

Jesus Heals

From the Doctor’s Diary-22-Jesus Heals 23 April 2009 Our loving Heavenly Father says, “As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without… Read more »

Jesus saves

From the Doctor’s Diary-12- Jesus Saves 23 April 2009 ” Because he loves me, says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.”… Read more »


From the Doctor’s Diary-9-Anger resides in the lap of fools 23 April 2009 One day because of certain happenings in my home, I was very irritated and angry.  Not only… Read more »

God is love

God is Love 2 March 2009 I, have lost my very successful career and most of my earthly belongings. I believed I was a Christian but I talked the talk… Read more »