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The Matrimonial articles focus on the very real issues people experience within marriage. Marriage is indeed a beautiful experience but it doesn’t come without challenges and it takes real hard work for it to last!

Little Things

Father in the name of Jesus we come before You and we give You all the glory, honour and praise!  Jesus Christ You are Lord!  Holy Spirit You are alive… Read more »


Father, no matter what I’ve done and no matter how many times I fail You, you love me.  My heart is overwhelmed with who You are and how Your love… Read more »


“Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that You’re my God.  All together lovely, all together worthy, all together wonderful to… Read more »


AFFECTION Father God here I am, humbled in Your presence for You God Almighty have chosen me to be Your child. I am so honored to call You my Father…. Read more »


This is the fourth of a few matrimonial articles, focusing on the word MARRIAGE.  The first article titled Introvert meets Extrovert and focused on Me, Myself and I as well… Read more »


RELAX Father God, thank You for Your love and presence in our lives. Jesus Christ we honour You as our God, Saviour and King! Holy Spirit thank You for living… Read more »

Rock Solid

Father God, we bring You all the honour and all the glory for who we are and what we achieve in life. Jesus You are our deliverer and our hope…. Read more »

In sickness and in health

 This article is for married people that have challenges with their marriages, their finances and their health. The Lord Almighty says that when you are married then your body and… Read more »

Meeting at the well

The story of Isaac and Rebecca is such a captivating one of relying on God.  Abraham made his most trusted servant take an oath to go to Abraham’s country and… Read more »

Password Protected

I recently met up with a couple going through marital difficulty due to the wife ‘finding’ things her husband was doing on a social network and via e-mails. She stumbled… Read more »

Second chances

This morning the Lord led me to Hosea 3, where God tells Hosea to take back his wife, even though she is an adulteress.  It touched me deeply, because it… Read more »

The Golden Ring Thing

I’m sure many of you have heard of the ‘Silver Ring Thing’.  For those who haven’t, it is an international initiative for children and young adults who pledge to stay… Read more »