Cancer miracle

Jesus to my Rescue    April 12, 2011    Comments Off on Cancer miracle

A month ago my mom got sick at night and me and my dad took her to the doctor who then said we must take her to hospital.  On that night at 11 pm she was admitted to the Kuilsriver Hospital with a lung infection and difficulty to breath.

After two days in hospital and a few tests, the specialist told her that she has got lung cancer.  She was then send for a CT scan which showed that she had a big area of cancer in the one lung, another smaller part under the big one and another two parts within the other lung.  She then went for a biopsy in order to confirm that these were indeed cancer.  Two days later the test results came out confirming that all those were indeed cancer, showing clearly on all tests as well as the CT scan. The specialist said that an operation would be out of the question since there is too much cancer in different parts of the lungs and should the cancer have been only on that one big spot, then they could have removed it.  Her lung function was also too weak for an operation.

In hospital we started praying for her and being strong believers and true followers of Jesus Christ, we believed that Jesus can perform a miracle but left it at His feet to let His will be done.  Nine days later she was released from hospital, still very weak and still not sure what exactly will happen from there onwards.  A few days later the specialist phoned and said that she must go for another scan, a new type of scan that is very expensive, called a PET scan.  Another appointment was then set for the 11th of April 2011 with the specialist.

On the 11th of April 2011 my mom went back to the specialist and her visit started with a lung test which came put very positive as her lung function increased with more than 10% and therefore making it enough for the operation.  The doctor then started telling us that he had good news and the good news was that the cancer below the big spot and the cancer in the other lung were GONE!  He showed us on the PET scan result on his computer that there is NO sign of those other spots and that he is now able to do the operation.  Thank God for this miracle.  All the glory to God!  Our God is a God of wonders!

The operation itself is also dangerous but we know that the she is in good Hands and we trust Him with her life.  We once again believe in the impossible as Matt 16 states that what is impossible with man is indeed possible by God.  We trust in accept His will.

Thank you Jesus for once again showing us your power, thank you for performing such a miracle in front of our eyes!

Jaco van As, Brackenfell, South Africa