Believe in yourself

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12 March 2009

Father, there is none like You! No one else can touch my heart like You do! I can search for all eternity long and find, there is none like You!” Amen!

Ever felt like no one really understands you? Ever felt like whatever you do is not good enough? Perhaps you have tried on numerous occasions to succeed in something, only to find that someone else did it better than you? Dear reader, why do we feel like this? Firstly, we must understand that the day when we were born, it was through God’s hand. We are created in God’s image as clearly indicated in Genesis 1: 27. Do you realise what this means? It means that we are created in His image! So why do you ever doubt yourself?

We have to understand something. We can only feel inferior if we choose to feel like that. Let’s use an example. When I was newly wed, I use to look at how my husband, a total extrovert, would laugh and get along with everyone. However, I particularly noticed his friendliness towards other woman. I started doubting his love for me. When amongst a group of woman I would be quieter than ever and even disappear from the crowd, only to tackle him afterwards in saying he gave them more attention than to me. What am I trying to tell you? It was not about the other woman or my husband. It was about me, my inferiority. The Lord released me from this and now when we are together as a group, I partake in the laughing and discussions and realise that I am in God’s image, with God given talents and lots of confidence that I received from Jesus.

What am I trying to tell your dear reader? Satan will always attempt to make us feel that we are not good enough, whether it is in our job, being a good parent, a partner to your husband/wife, being a friend or your performance at school or on the sports field. This is all a lie. Amen! You have to realise that who you are, and the powers that has been given to you by Jesus Christ, are stronger than any evil lie or force. You might not feel like someone with power, but remember the gospel of Christ is not about what you feel, but in what you believe (Mark 1:15, 1 Cor 15:1 – 2, 2 Tim 3:14 – 15, Rom 10:8 – 11).

I received a promotion in 2007 and continuously I asked myself why the Lord had chosen me. Would this or that one not have been a better option? They wrote and planned better than me and definitely had more experience on a management level than I. That was off course my opinion and I carried on like this for months. One day I prayed to the Lord for peace and he gave me John 15:16 that says “…but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.” You see reader; it was not about me, but about what God saw in me. He saw potential in me to fulfil this position for Him. If He thinks I am good enough, why should I doubt myself?

Now I know you might think this is all true. Jesus believes in you and you are trying to believe in yourself. However your circumstances might influence the way you look at yourself. Perhaps your husband/wife regularly tells you that you are useless. Perhaps you are a single parent and feel that you have failed your children. You might be trying your best at work, only to find that your boss thinks you are not doing enough. Perhaps you are studying hard at school, yet your marks are not showing the effort your are putting in. All the above contribute to you doubting God and yourself. I know this is not easy, but the more negative you think and act, the more negative you will get. You can rise above these circumstances, YOU CAN!!! Firstly you need to make sure that you have invited Jesus into your heart as your Personal Saviour. Secondly you have to break in the name of Jesus all negative thoughts, actions, proclamations made by yourself and others on your life, work, school, health, finances etc. In the place of that you have to proclaim daily, over and over that the love of Jesus is in the place of all doubt and disbelieve as well as any sadness. His power is over you, it’s in you!

This is where it all begins. When you have faith in whom you are in Christ, then your life will change drastically. Ask the Lord’s guidance in how to approach your work, home and school situations. Proclaim daily that you have faith in Him and watch how He will change your life. Remember, you also have to be wide awake and attentive to see and hear from God. Determine the real reason for you not believing in yourself. Is it other people or yourself. If other people are really the challenge, hand them over to God in prayer and believe that the Lord will deal with the situation. Proclaim victory daily. If on the other hand it is your own insecurity, allow the Lord to help you. For example, at school, you might have to ask for extra classes in order to reach your desired marks. Take up the courage and approach your teacher. Perhaps you think you are not good enough at work. Make a personal appointment with your boss and tell him/her how you feel and whether what you experience is correct. Also ask for developmental training where required. If it is your looks, then start going to the gym, exercise and eat healthy. Look at yourself daily in the mirror and tell yourself you are gorgeous. Remember God can fix anything, anytime and in any way. Don’t ever think you know it all or think more highly of yourself. Also don’t ever think you are not good enough. Just believe in Him and believe that in Him you can achieve anything.

Phil 4:13 “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

Dear reader, it all begins right now. It all begins with you! Believe in yourself, because Jesus does!

With lots of love in Jesus Name

Princess K