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Focus on Christ

The Focus on Christ articles touches on every day issues, experiences and challenges EVERYONE faces. The writers of these articles don’t only touch on the challenges, they also provide solutions and suggestions. Click here to read our Focus on Christ articles!


We have young & experienced writers who provides brilliant articles for the TeenZone category, focusing on every day issues and challenges teenagers deal with. The articles is inspirational and to the point! Click here to read our TeenZone articles!


The Matrimonial articles focus on the very real issues people experience within marriage. Marriage is indeed a beautiful experience but it doesn’t come without challenges and it takes real hard work for it to last! Click here to read our Matrimonial articles!

Interactive Articles and Posts

We regularly post interactive articles where we touch on specific issues and questions related to Christianity, where you can take part, voice your opinion or simply  read the opinions of others. Click here to read these articles or to take part in it!

Miracle Stories

Great inspirational miracle stories from people around the world! See the great work of God! Click here to read our Miracle Stories!

Inspirational Stories

Great inspirational stories, e-mail forwards and articles for the entire family! Click here to read our Inspirational Stories!

Inspirational Poems

Great Christian inspirational Poems for the entire family. You may submit your own! Click here to read our Inspirational Poems!

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