Android Apps

Don’t have access to a PC? We are available on most mobile phones.

Mobile Website

Visit our mobile website on your phone or type the following url into your mobile website browser:

Android Apps

We offer two Apps, our main app with all our web content available from within the app and also a prayer app where you can submit prayer request to us. Download our Android Apps from the Play Store by searching for JTMR and Prayer Diary or click here. You will also find our apps in the Amazon App Store and Samsung Store.

Windows App

Download our Windows App by searching for Jesus to my Rescue in the Windows Store

The Jesus to my Rescue mobile website and android apps consist of our Online Bible and all our articles such as Focus on Christ, TeenZone, Miracle Stories, Inspirational Stories & Poems. It also contains our Prayer Diary where you can read or submit a prayer and a page giving you the opportunity to accept Jesus into your life. You can also find info about our ministry as well as a contact form, should you wish to communicate with us.