A Dreamer

Jesus to my Rescue    March 14, 2011    Comments Off on A Dreamer

All my life I have been a DREAMER!

I dreamt of growing up in the perfect family…only to find my parents to divorce after 34 years of a loveless marriage.

I dreamt as a little girl of that perfect white wedding day and the “happy ever after” picture….. only to find 2 failed marriages later and the duplicated pain and wounds of adultery.

I dreamt of having my own business one day…..only to find 1 year later into the entrepreneur venture, a failed and closed business and back working for a boss again.

I dreamt of having lots of children of my own and the perfect family portrait…..only to find myself having medical problems conceiving and at 36 years of age, my 1st child.

As each day progresses and life runs by, as the years passes and the age matures….I am still a dreamer….

The ever changing thoughts, hopes and dreams still stay…..I am still a dreamer!

What makes me a dreamer?!

God has unequally made me to be who I am today! Through hardships, tears, pain, uncertainty, stress, grieving and failures, He was there and He held me in His Hands.     I could hear His whisper through the rain….”keep on dreaming”! The never ending coloring of pictures, thoughts and ideas ….

Today I still dream of my perfect family life…. this keeps me grounded and thankful knowing that God has given me a wonderful devoted husband and a perfect loving child…a dream come true!

Today I still dream of having my own successful business…..this makes me strife for more as I know what I am capable off and what I have become in Him! And with Him all things will be possible, successful and fruitful!

Today I dream of Jesus…… the touchable reality of His love and mercy for me is so intensely experienced every day! I feel the warmth of His arms, the safety of His lap, I see His feet…He is my dream giver!

Love dies when you stop caring…

Hope dies when you stop believing…

Life dies when you stop dreaming…

I walk every day knowing that whatever I become is the ability that He has given me to strife for a better tomorrow! My dreams lies within ME…..I am the dreamer!